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In Print as an Overton Railroad Draft
A Science-Fiction Author’s View of Paradigm Shift Under Shamdemic Conditions
This small book of 74 pages contains content that has mostly been withheld from online posting. It was written at the request of a Baltimore Area fighter after a training session.
Dust Cover
Shamdemicism is the social science recently elevated above us as a self-ruling template for social compliance, in which the fear of disease is used to terrify humans into levels of obedience to a malevolent system that has previously only been achieved through universalist religious fanaticism and ideological industrial tyranny. Finally, the tattered yet still grinding engines of the systems of coercion developed in the Agrarian and Industrial Ages, have been joined with a system of control specifically adapted to the Information Age. How might this new paradigm of control offer benefits and perils specific to the plight of the alienated [1] mind?
The table of contents below contains 23 of 25 chapters that were never posted online, and will not be.
Preface 3
Am I a Mark? 9
Who Are We? 11
Genius 16
Misfit at Harvest 21
‘My Face in the Snow’ 29
Good and Bad in a World Gone Mad 32
Good Cop 32
Bad Cop 34
Deputy Dawgs Good and Bad 36
Masks 38
Fear as Good 40
Fear as Bad 42
Combat Taboo 43
Combat Value 45
Buying, Good and Bad 47
Castle to Cave 48
Dead Space Interior 51
Exposure of Medical Tyranny 53
The Collapse of Education is All Good 55
Lockdown as Liberation 57
Online Under the Lie as a Good 59
Rebirth of Secret Association 61
Bitch Call in the Man Hall 64
Deluge and Snow 67
Life Rhythm Return 69
‘Since Nightfall’ 72
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