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Into the Hollow Soul
On Sorrow #1: OrangeFrog and the Pale Pottery Discuss Our Negation
A very kind reader from the nation that sold off my orphaned ancestors has some keen commentary below for the Lyn Thompson hostage video. Also, a friend I talked to for hours last night, who was training with me when Lynn ripped off my work and got paid for it, in cooperation with Paladin Press and Black Belt Magazine, both publishers of my work, shared my snicker at the rich man who did a literary and research sneak-thief on a lowly night grocer, pirating my only work of note. Mescaline Franklin had something cautionary to say, "In five years every single white dude who has ever had anything is going to have to sit in front of a camera and say he's not shit and place his own balls on the Altar of Those Who Worship Mammon."
I would like to respond to both. But first, I would like to thank my correspondent from Ravished Britannia by repeating his kind words before I discuss his subject in a bit more detail.
First, however, Our Man in London, Cuck Thompson, My Longtime Fighter-Friend Mescaline Franklin and I share a plight, not simply the plight of the passing of a great race seen by it's jilted scions, but of the negation of our essence, our manhood, the internal stature of every man of any physical kind. I would like to discuss better alternatives to moral and masculine and thought colonization than becoming the man in the hostage video. I will do this over a series outlined at the base of this article. Also, please note that this exercise is serving me in contacting Prentice Dolphin, a weak and afflicted functionary of a church facing an existential threat. My many failures and bleak moments in life have helped me craft this character and will hopefully permit me to deliver him with realism and grace to the end of his fictional story. You see, his fable is just another attempt by this mind to tell another aspect of our story as men in this field of experience.

OrangeFrog December 8, 2020 5:50 AM UTC
Mr LaFond,
The man in the video strikes me as a person who has no soul. The man in the video looks to me to be a dishonest man, and I say this after reading the title of your piece 'Plagiarist to Cuck' and just looking at the still of the video before I played it. He is a sell out and there is no doubt of that.
And you're right, in there most probably are the vestiges of a man who knows he copped it. Who knows he caved. And who knows his half-arsed acting is not even convincing him. You may be a 'ten time loser' in the classical sense (poor paying/ no job, hobo, whatever else) but you are freer. You have something - your writing - that consumes you at all times (as well as your combat training) and staves off despair and depression.
Do you know, for almost every person that I have met that was 'classically successful' - the house, the wife, the family; in most cases it was hollow (although I am not saying these are bad things if done well!). These people had no real interests in anything. They were neither interesting nor interested. As a result they were not really happy - or as happy as it possible to be in this world. Looking at the world and accepting it's brutal reality was not something they could do.
You have thought for yourself. Made an effort to piece together history on your own and it's impressive. Problem is only the rare few appreciate it - but that doesn't stop you. You're curious and you want to know so good for you.
As a side note I have enjoyed your travel pieces - particularly your evaluation of the stations you visited. A fascinating analysis.
Kindest regards from London.

For the record, Cuck Thompson could probably still beat me in more kinds of duels than I could he. He was once a passionate fanatic of hand-to-hand combat who bested one of the Dog Brothers in blunt knife duel. As the lesser part of me crows over his submission, the better part of me feels like one more soul has been plucked from the dwindling ranks or men, and I weirdly miss him already. I see a man who had a soul and had it eaten.
Most men alive today have far more to lose than I was ever able to. So, I will begin here with a six-part series on sorrow as the shrouded attendant to failure and loss from my own experience, in hopes that it helps some man out there avoid the icky fate of Cuck Thompson.
Of interest, is the fact that as it gradually became more and more taboo for palefaces to use a gun to defend against the martyr races, that Cuck Thompson expanded his polypropylene training arsenal [I fought with and reviewed some of these on the Modern Fighter YouTube channel] to cover numerous wicked combat canes and "sticks" of questionable legality and unquestionable utility. It would only be a matter of time before some unguilted ghost would use an axe-headed cane, dragon cane, shambok or Walk About to defend against a team of Reparations Recover Agents, and Cuck Thompson would be sued. That is probably what this is all about. Cuck Thompson's hostage video is a watermark for all of us in the combat arts, that we are grey-listed.
Cuck managed to scramble up the deleterious heap of rotting masculinity even as the harpies of change wheeled about in the darkening skies above bitchworld, and then found that those wicked cunts loomed larger there at the top. Now, the cruel Norns fail to even cackle as he is cast down into Hel's fetid embrace.
The fat fuck could fight.

Honing our inner monologue
One by one and in gobs, gads and gaggles, men of our kind and like-minded souls of other kinds, will be stripped of validation as a key means of inculcating the ennui necessary to keep us from breeding, living, searching and expressing. Every cucked money hostage, every sell-out, every transgender castration, every man who decides not to father a child because the world has grown too dark, every opiate death, every suicide, all of these sad stories are tiny victories for the cancer that has been introduced into us as an extended consciousness to facilitate our erasure and poison our root.
I know more and more people who cannot look at the world as it is without superimposing a utopian vision to shield their soul from the fate of Cuck Thompson, who, for all of his faults, obviously understands that his very dream as a man of being an armorer for Anachronistic Man has been colonized.
I will write the following entries on sorrow, as it is our lot and the lot of my current fiction, with notes on how I suffered these things and stumbled upon a way of continuing.
-2. Losing a Fight, a Job, a Friend
-3. Losing a Car, a House, a Room
-4. Losing a Woman, a Wife, a Bitch
-5. Losing Our Way
-6. On Suicide

Below is something I wrote in July in anticipation of the Pink Hammer's fall.
The Giver is a postmodern resident alien’s impressions of the Stoicism of Epictetus as an ancient mirror on Modern Man’s troubled plight.
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Jeremy BenthamDecember 11, 2020 3:31 AM UTC

Yes indeed, in his video announcement Lynn C. Thompson does look uncharacteristically subdued and regretful. Why? All he did was follow the tried and true road to riches in this country: create a business, build it up into a successful money-making proposition and then sell it. The man is 66 years old so it is not inappropriate for him to think about setting himself up for a very comfortable retirement. Who knows, but maybe he and/or his wife (like so many others these days) is ready to leave chaotic and hoplophobic SOCAL and wanted to bail. So it sounds like GSM Outdoors made him an offer he didn’t feel he could pass up. GSM is even keeping him on the payroll as a creative consultant. A sweet deal. So my take on the whole thing is that what Thompson probably regrets is simply no longer being the grand HMFIC shot-caller of the company he built and having to take a back seat while other people take the wheel. Even though it must have made abundant financial sense to sell out now, it can be hard to let go.

Will the Cold Steel product line change? Absolutely it will. Cold Steel is just a brand name, it doesn’t run any factories and it doesn’t make its own knives. It jobs everything out to sub-contractors. The change that’s coming isn’t necessarily bad though. Given the capitol that GSM can likely invest in production there is at least a 50-50 chance that the Cold Steel product line will improve and expand.

As for Thompson plagiarizing James’ book, well shame on you Lynn C. Thompson! That is conduct unbecoming an accomplished person like yourself. One thing I learned for certain in the Army is that people will resent you for stealing credit from them more than just about anything else. Those people could probably find it in their hearts to forgive you for killing their fathers and raping their mothers, but NEVER for stealing credit from them. So don’t do it!
responds:December 11, 2020 2:34 PM UTC

A machete duel against a Bantu champion among a ring of burning tires and all is forgiven!

Thanks for the business logistics of this, Jeremy.
BigCDecember 9, 2020 8:08 PM UTC

Mr. Lafond,

As a fellow gentleman who engages in the ancient art of “Throwing Hands” I must ask you who your favorite boxer or boxers are. I personally have to pick Joe Frazier on account of his borderline insane levels of courage as well as his sheer energy.


Big C
responds:December 10, 2020 12:21 AM UTC

Answered as an article titled Throwing Hands, which I just posted.

Thanks, Sir.