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Jeremy Bentham
Reporting from the Rust Belt to the Trust Velt
Our old Friend Jeremy has provided two slices of the Dysmerican Pie for our digestion.

Amusing Video - Avoiding the future plague - YouTube
1:15 AM (22 hours ago)
Here you go James. Here’s a funny video that has been circulating around for your entertainment.
Snopes pronounces it to be a fraud. Produced in 2020, not ‘1956’. And it is a little too spot-on in it’s predictions to be an authentic 1950’s public service announcement (PSA). Never heard anyone use the word ‘pandemic’ back in those “Leave it to Beaver” days for that matter.
It’s well made though. The pranksters certainly did their homework. The film is dated “February 29, 1956” and ’56 was indeed a leap year.
How’s things otherwise? I trust the vexatious pandemic lockdowns haven’t been crimping your style too much, eh?
This Program was established in 1956 || Avoiding the future plague
Is This 'Avoiding the Future Plague' Video a Real PSA From the 1950s? (

'Hillbilly Elegy' critics show they despise 'deplorables' - New York Post
1:49 PM (9 hours ago)
“Elites won’t allow any sympathy for poor whites.”
You suck and they hate you. But I’m fairly certain you were already aware of that. LOL!
America’s white working class refused to become communist revolutionaries, so the Left abandoned them in favor of their diverse “coalition of the fringes” as their vehicle to carry them to the pinnacle of political power and control in the Land. The Left even feels ‘betrayed’ by that white working class, especially since it voted en masse for Trump. Even though they are Marxists and thus are presumably sympathetic to the plight of the ‘proletariat’, the workers, our country’s wealthy, Leftist white élites just cannot shed their inveterate class prejudices. Can they?
'Hillbilly Elegy' critics show they despise 'deplorables'
Elites won’t allow any sympathy for poor whites Netflix’s new adaptation of JD Vance’s “Hillbilly Elegy” is devastating for the left’s political narrative. How do I know that?
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