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#3 Science Fiction Predictions: Retooling Social Steerage Levers: 2021-24
Although I do not know if any of these near future trends are already underway, I expect that half of them are. These are measures I think are necessary to usher in the level of control desired—indeed organically thirsted for—by The System Steerage Cults and their individual functionaries in public office and employment. This is really all no-brainer stuff for anyone with at least a translucent window on reality.
-1. Space exploration will once again be an approved activity, but only for diversity missions as an overt expression of post-Masculine, post-Caucasian human excellence. The real reason for renewed interest in space activity is going to involve ringing the world with listening post satellites, constructing an artificially active night sky. There, might, further down the road be noise made about how such space junk will perform some kind of function protective of life and the habitat of earth, such as I predicted for the Sunset Saga, with the earth ringed by a buoy system facilitating system control.
-2. Disease panic, mask cultism and vaccination will somehow be used—in many ways I think—to more closely control the population.
-3. With the collusion of the single pro-American news network in the unseating of the usurper, there should be a creative new means by which controlled opposition news is repackaged and presented to the delusional conservative mind. Calling in the loyalty chips of that single news network and getting it in lockstep with the mainstream media priesthood, was an ugly necessity. The resulting lack of trust among the cucked must be restored by some stunt, overseas war or Creep State sham mass murder blamed on 2nd amendment yetis.
-4. Military operations will escalate steeply across Africa and take place in a majority of those nations. This is necessary to finally grow the Heavenly Hued population in America by the necessary tens of millions. This is under way but still slight in scale.
-5. Creep State ops will be used to justify another level of patriotic social control. Expect the end of freedom of speech and continual restrictions on gun rights to be wrapped up in this feel-good anti-hate initiative.
-6. Medical personal will be increasingly used to survey and police Americans.
-7. Numbers of police directly employed by the 50 states, by the federal government and by private contractors, will far exceed the numbers of municipal police reduced through defunding and revocation of lethal force and arrest powers by local officials.
-8. Not having sex with a member of the Heavenly Race, or with a person of your same sex, will increasingly become taboo and be used to excuse violent crimes such as rape and also deny certain levels of employment.
-9. A new level of apex high-speed internet communication will be used as an excuse for enhanced spying on the public.
-10. Many urban and suburban zones in the nation will become overt anarcho-tyranny sectors, in which members of the Heavenly Race will enjoy the powers of life and death over members of the Devil Race. This is simply the logical evolution of the current reality in which a person of the Devil Race is not permitted to defend himself against a person of a Sainted Race, as established in federal law in 1968, yet still rarely acted upon. Part of this initiative will be federal leadership in prosecuting hate crimes against Devil Race “defenders.” This leverage mining of federal codes, has been done with the Osauron Administration using WWI Era espionage laws to deal with dissidents. Such retooling of long under-utilized levers of control will be a feature of this phase.
-11. Reparation measures for Heavenly Folk will be enacted nationally. We will be told that this can never be enough and that regular reparations measures will be necessary as well as ongoing atonement and worship.
-12. Some lie, some assignment of blame by the media and government, will be used to focus the hate of the squishy multitudes once it becomes obvious that global cooling is a fact. First global cooling will be blamed on global warming which already has an enemies list. But, other measures will be taken, including a feel-good term for food rationing, continued crackdowns on food service, and measures to punish home food growing and preservation by families, communities and individuals.
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New LedfordDecember 16, 2020 7:06 PM UTC

I think (4) is the most certain. Not only would African wars have the desired effect you describe, they will see them as wars they can win. Why fight Russia when you can fight Congolese rebels?

A fine little war might get a few of the deplorables back on board, especially to rescue an American Chinese Gordon. That covers your number (3) also.

These things often don't go as planned, so we'll see what happens. I worry about Ethiopia. It's a country making progress without much Western aid, but it has a lot of ethnic conflict. Many opportunities for mischief.
responds:December 17, 2020 12:49 AM UTC

Ethiopia is a good barometer of Globalist determination.