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Demos and Derangement
Why Democracy is Terminally Retarded, Fake, Gay, Phony and Doomed
I have spoken to numerous people in person who are upset with “our cities” burning.
Well, American, just how many cites do you own?
Oh, your 401 K has not matured so you have not bought Spokane yet?
So, how many cities do you live in?
I know one busy doctor who lives in 3 cities serving a medical network.
Most of us live in either one city, or no cities.
It is only possible for you to lay claim to a single city.
However, the derangement intrinsic to democracy, a cuckold belief which the U.S. media, half of the political class and all of the U.S. military since 1943 have pushed as the key American value and its very system even though the nation was founded and is still structured as a Republic, is a caper of great and insidious magnitude. Democracy is the operational lie of America, by which a rural hunter in Pennsylvania, Utah or the Cascades believes that he is one one-millionth of an emperor and that all American cities are his and that all of the American Government’s wars are his own sovereign will being expressed around the world.
American, do you even own your house?
So how can you own a city, especially one 3,000 miles away?
What business is it of yours if some city in Ohio burns?
America has always been structured as a mercantile empire, staffed by mind-slaves who have been indoctrinated into believing that they are part of some collective meta-mind of goodness, justice and equality.
Speaking of equality, every sports fan should know that not only are not all men created equal, but that no men, not even twins, are created equal.
Yet even as we are addicted into following sports and old ladies declare “We won today!” as if they tackled that 250-pound Bantu fullback at the goal line, the belief in collectivism and equality, two of our foundational lies, plagues, twists and distorts our every thought and prevents us from viewing reality. Instead, we see fantasies in our own favorite colors, mostly pink and yellow I should say.
A penniless drunk looks at the TV screen at the bar and says, “We won,” as a millionaire dances with another millionaire in outfits that exceed the value of my every possession as a hobo.
There is a big money podcast titled, It Could Happen Here, by the man who also does the podcast, Behind the Bastards. He is a war reporter and certified journalist who works under the supervision of the Cunt Infiltration Agency. He devotes his time to convincing his liberal lefty listeners that armies of Christian, conservative gun owners are poised to invade cities and suburbs to slaughter people of divine color and gay folks. I know liberals who are hiding inside sure that armies of redneck Christians with AR-15s will be driving into their town to commit genocide.
These riots, using bussed in NGO staffers and volunteers from across state lines, which are well publicized in social media ahead of time and are monitored by the Fickle Bullshitters of Instigation, are permitted 100% by this federal agency which is in charge of stopping interstate crime.
This whole stage play is being conducted in hopes that a handful of rednecks will finally get sick of seeing “their cities” burned and will go and try to protect some church or used car lot. While federal agencies have no desire to stop the hipster faggots and handgunning teaks from burning cities, they will absolutely mobilize to crush any paleface with a long gun who attempts to stop the mayhem, because this is a federal program to redistribute property to the upper class and lower class, from small businesses to corporations, from ivories to teaks.
The only civilians capable of doing any real harm to federal agencies are ivories with shoulder-fired weapons, not ebonies with handguns. These state-sponsored riots are the goat that the feds are setting out for the white tigers they want to hunt to extinction.
Imagine if the few men who are capable of seeing some shreds of reality, could be suckered into some asshole move like journeying across the nation to keep a statue from being pulled down by the people of that city who hate it. So, this delusional group of do-gooders, who actually think that some statue in some far city is “theirs” because they have bought the lie that is America, might end up getting ambushed by cops and NGOs?
Imagine if that happened?
Then imagine that after that happened, that delusional do-gooders continued to think that when some teaks burn down and loot the department store serving their neighborhood, that good men across the country will be saying, “That’s not right. They are burning my city. I’d like to go stop it!”
That would be a complete and impenetrable immunity to reality in operation, for the ill of the do-gooder and the enrichment of the evil-doers in their federal millions salivating at the prospect of a total police state.
Do not help defend some other meat-puppet’s stage props—props that were set there by the playwrights and are there to be burned by the plot-moving extras hired by central casting and managed by the director in this comedy of hysterical lies.
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New LedfordDecember 17, 2020 8:51 AM UTC

I have these same middle class instincts that sometimes cause me to say "we, us, and our" as in "...our cities burning."

My mental state has improved tremendously alongside my new habit of saying "they, them and their." It also makes the world a much funnier place. I'm not responsible for the clown show, so I enjoy it more.
OrangeFrogDecember 17, 2020 6:56 AM UTC

Mr LaFond,

You mention the foolishness of people rushing to defend systems/peoples who don't care about them. The folly of collectivism on the large scale. However, collectivism is a good on the small scale. The scale of village networks and personal friendships. The scale at which people instinctively know the good from the bad from the ugly. I must say that I too have almost fallen for the 'our cities' line in the past; but a stroll through London will put that right. In the rougher areas, there are no people of mine (neither in the better ones, for that matter). If it ever was 'my' city, in most parts now, it ain't anymore.

These liberal types, who believe in the armies of rednecks coming to harm their precious minorities are guilty of the worst of crimes: Believing the MSM and then hectoring the rest of us goons who actually observe the real world (at least around us). These people never leave their enclaves. My walks around London (mainly during the daylight hours, but sometimes at night) yield:

1) No people visibly ill from this Greatest of Yellow Viruses. No dead bodies in the street.

2) Very obvious drug deals, in both very busy areas and quieter areas.

3) Packs of youths congregating in one of two places: outside large shopping centers or in open spaces in council estates.

4) A huge number of drunks. This number has risen drastically as these individuals make their way out into the suburbs.

5) Immensely wealthy areas shoulder to shoulder with some of the worst parts of town. However, liberals will scold you if you suggest that they are bad. I believe the correct term is 'under-privileged'.

6) Thriving pick-pocket industry near and in Marble Arch. I am led to believe that picking pockets is a very hard skill to master.

7) A white 'under-class' even more prevalent. Usually on welfare and engaging in drug use and drinking. These people, materially at least, have more than my grandfather did - yet my grandfather's simple working life could easily be described as more wholesome.

8) Everything is marketed. God damn road works are marketed. Your own fitness is marketed back at you. Preaching everywhere. Every large corporation must inform you how much they care.

I could go on. But these are the observations that I try to distill to liberals, who would rather talk about some large scale, government approved topic like 'climate change' and the like.

I find myself thinking these days, about any man or woman I meet: 'Would you sell me out at the drop of a hat'. I especially ask this of people pretending to care for me on the TV. Apologies for the rant, but I found this piece particularly interesting.

Thank you kindly for your writings. I always enjoy them.

Kindest regards.