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In the Garden of Should
Why 2020 is the Apex of Civilized Achievement
I lost readers and publishing rights over my assertion that our higher moralities [honor, heroism, masculinity, politeness, courtesy, faith in the transcendent and stoicism] come from barbarism and our lower moralities [slavery, socialism, orthodoxy, materialism, in group violence and atheism] come from civilization.
So let, me see if I can lose ten more sissies and get another book banned.
Western Civilization is manifestly a macroeconomic negation of European, Aryan and Christian identity in favor of crass merchant ethics, which have been dedicated to the erasure of heroism, masculinity, honor, transcendence, stoicism and politeness, all being ethics employed by primitive European and Amerindian peoples who rarely if ever practiced in-group violence until they achieved civilization. The erasure of these values and their supporting cultures was arrested by the Industrial Age, which necessitated the bringing of traditional European men into the merchant cities to work and also the creation of the municipal police force to keep them in order.
With the end of industrialism in the 1960s, ebons were brought into cites and unleashed to drive the remnant European ethnics out to the suburbs. As of 1968 it has been a potential—tough so far rarely invoked—hate crime charge for a ghost to successfully defend against the attack of a teak.
Piecemeal gentrification of aspirational class ghosts into cities has generally failed. It is now necessary to send the teak hordes into the suburbs to take over the ghost refuge so that the shinning cities of the elite might blossom. Rioting and purging serve all of these end, putting small businesses out of business, forcing foreclosures and short sales and permitting government voucher hordes to colonize the suburbs and the great corporations and 1% oligarchs to buy up urban ruins cheaply.
This has always been baked into the obscene cake of America, the Greatest Lie Ever Sold. A nation founded on lies is America, the prime lie, agreed to by Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative at about 99%, is the lie being used to reorder America in the way that plantation America was largely reordered, by the importation of Africans to drive free Europeans off the American land. All Americans agree that only Africans were held in bondage, that they did most of the work of carving the nation out of a wilderness, and that their descendants should be treated as well as the descendants of their oppressors [Conservative/Right] or treated better [Liberal/Left.]
Both moronic factions have no idea that this nation was carved out of the wilderness from 1609 through 1804 by 4 million European slaves who became 2.2 million by 1783 and did not exceed numbers shipped until general emancipation agnation later, and that the 400,000 Africans working from 1685 [only tiny numbers being brought in before this date] to 1865 under the exact same cruel conditions, became 4 million, indicating a thriving growth of 10 to 1 while the Europeans had bene thrown into a population sink. By the time significant European Americans had won their freedom, they were economically displaced by massive African American slave labor, which was grossly inefficient but served to maintain class separation and spur westward expansion as poor palefaces fled the Planters and Industrialists for the deadly wilderness, only to be followed and apprehended by the end of the 1800s and placed into Industrial bondage.
Unfortunately the belief in this Greatest Lie Ever Sold, has poor and middling palefaces feeling like something that should have been theirs has been taken, that Civilization is falling. No, Civilization is blooming and is being re-staffed with its purest adherents.
What are some behavior hallmarks of civilization compared to barbarian life?
-Civilized people [slaves and overseers] are loud and Barbarians [hunters] are quiet.
-Civilized people are rude and Barbarians are polite, for the civilian has a police force to avenge him over he whom he insulted and the Barbarian is armed and honor bound to quiet the rude.
-Civilized people are totally dependent on the services intrinsic to the city, and on the things brought in from the hinterland, while barbarians live on the land and recoil from urban life.
So for the loudest, rudest most urban dependent people to inherit the cities and suburbs of civilization is good, has the feel of just ends, rings with truth and sings like nature.
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