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Brits, I Think
A Dialogue with Two Readers about the Dawning Dark Age
Below are comments with my answers from two readers who I suspect, but do not know for certain, are Brits. My comments will be in [brackets.]

New Ledford commented on Demos and Derangement Dec-17-2020 8:51 AM UTC
I have these same middle class instincts that sometimes cause me to say "we, us, and our" as in "...our cities burning."
My mental state has improved tremendously alongside my new habit of saying "they, them and their." It also makes the world a much funnier place. I'm not responsible for the clown show, so I enjoy it more.

[I have noted, that over the past six years, since people I knew and readers of mine were so upset over the hammer beating of a European Emigrant outside of Saint Louis, by African Americans accusing him of having raped their granny 300 years ago when his granny was being raped by Turks, that the more a person who has some ability to perceive reality rather than the false construct projected by the media, is alienated from society, that the less distressed he is by constant emersion in the lie—unless he believes in the portion of the lie that states that he can control Leviathan with his vote.]
New Ledford commented on Going Wolf Dec-17-2020 8:43 AM UTC
Also remember the System isn't actually good at anything other than preserving the System, so don't despair. Being unnoticed is good tactics and strategy, and probably good enough to save you.
Says this old man with the fake name.
[Look, the system is a dumb beast with highly intelligent parts and even cells, that simply wants to survive at your expense. Convince it that you have been expended and your life will have much more latitude than the fool who thinks that counter-revolutionary action will work for the very first time because he is finally involved...]

OrangeFrog commented on Demos and Derangement Dec-17-2020 6:56 AM UTC
Mr LaFond,
You mention the foolishness of people rushing to defend systems/peoples who don't care about them. The folly of collectivism on the large scale. However, collectivism is a good on the small scale. The scale of village networks and personal friendships. The scale at which people instinctively know the good from the bad from the ugly. I must say that I too have almost fallen for the 'our cities' line in the past; but a stroll through London will put that right. In the rougher areas, there are no people of mine (neither in the better ones, for that matter). If it ever was 'my' city, in most parts now, it ain't anymore.
[The great strength of scaled up human domestication systems is their use of the egalitarian community instincts of humans to help one another, as sentimental points of departure into pillage, slavery, income redistribution, and rape, torture and execution of dissenting voices.]
These liberal types, who believe in the armies of rednecks coming to harm their precious minorities are guilty of the worst of crimes: Believing the MSM and then hectoring the rest of us goons who actually observe the real world (at least around us). These people never leave their enclaves. My walks around London (mainly during the daylight hours, but sometimes at night) yield:
1) No people visibly ill from this Greatest of Yellow Viruses. No dead bodies in the street.
[I know hundreds of people and dozens who have had the Dread Minus, and the only deaths were due too neglect of non Dread Minus patients by a medical establishment only concerned with the Dread Minus. it has turned out to be a total sham. And, despite clear evidence in every day life that no one dies of this shit except those already on Death's door, the media scare has convinced people to reverse their reality perceptions and edit themselves out of reality and into narrative compliance. Reality does not matter to the media mind.]
2) Very obvious drug deals, in both very busy areas and quieter areas.
[A System goal.]
3) Packs of youths congregating in one of two places: outside large shopping centers or in open spaces in council estates.
[A system goal, the dogs of anarcho-tyranny on station.]
4) A huge number of drunks. This number has risen drastically as these individuals make their way out into the suburbs.
[A system goal.]
5) Immensely wealthy areas shoulder to shoulder with some of the worst parts of town. However, liberals will scold you if you suggest that they are bad. I believe the correct term is 'under-privileged'.
[An accidental good.]
6) Thriving pick-pocket industry near and in Marble Arch. I am led to believe that picking pockets is a very hard skill to master.
[A pick pocket school, thrived in London in the 1500s and 1600s.]
7) A white 'under-class' even more prevalent. Usually on welfare and engaging in drug use and drinking. These people, materially at least, have more than my grandfather did - yet my grandfather's simple working life could easily be described as more wholesome.
[The best way to control people is to debase them through sloth disguised as charity.]
8) Everything is marketed. God damn road works are marketed. Your own fitness is marketed back at you. Preaching everywhere. Every large corporation must inform you how much they care.
[The few hours of commercial advertising I have seen in the last three weeks are constructive lies on a heroically and even fantastical scale. If this programing is not attacked by the majority of viewers openly and does not cause sales to plummet—for instant 13% OF THE American Population is depicted as the subject of 100% of the advertisements—then the American ability to perceive reality, even while experiencing it, will be successfully negated and narrative rule will hold until environmental or demographic collapse.]
I could go on. But these are the observations that I try to distill to liberals, who would rather talk about some large scale, government approved topic like 'climate change' and the like.
[Such people as you are communicating with described as liberals, most likely deserve to be raped by hyenas and eaten by hogs and will hopefully achieve these states of social justification.]
I find myself thinking these days, about any man or woman I meet: 'Would you sell me out at the drop of a hat'. I especially ask this of people pretending to care for me on the TV. Apologies for the rant, but I found this piece particularly interesting.
[Almost everyone you meet will sell you out for free, just to take the target off of their back. Cowardice is a most valuable tool of social control.]
Thank you kindly for your writings. I always enjoy them.
Kindest regards.
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Don QuotaysDecember 19, 2020 6:13 PM UTC

Just a a data point, I know personally exactly one person dead of the dread minus. This lady was at most 50 and aside from being plump, had no known health issues. I know of a few by name who were ill.

As to the political climate, the good news is that when Rome fell, there weren't any billionaire equivalents in Europe for a 1,000 years.
New LedfordDecember 19, 2020 6:17 AM UTC

"...who I suspect, but do not know for certain, are Brits."

Close enough. I'm actually a one-man North Sentinelese sleeper cell.

Thanks for the extended response, also enjoyed the OrangeFrog dialogue. Walking around and looking, observing, talking to people is far more important than the news. In fact, it is the real news. I don't do it enough.

One observation technique I try to practice in urban areas is "splatter vision." This is a discipline or habit of hunters and wilderness folk. You don't focus your eyes on any one place or thing. Stretch out your arms and wiggle your fingers at the very limit of your peripheral vision, and try to see both hands without focusing on either. Get a feel for this visual/mental state. Try to stay in it as you're walking around (without the hands). You'll take in a huge amount of information, and your stress level will go way down. You also look like you have the "thousand yard stare," which is a good look this season.

This isn't natural for me, so I have to practice. Some do it without thinking.