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Surviving the Postmodern Hate Brain: 7/20/20 thru 7/29/20 Paperback – December 18, 2020
The author, a homeless man, spent nearly a week of the High Summer of 2020 drifting around Maryland and Virginia, during the low winter in the life of the dying society which had hated and tormented him since 1968, when he was first beaten by his metazoological kin for the conjoined crimes of being freckled and alone. As various men and women, hunted and hated by the emerging Mob Mind, provided assistance and lodging and alternately shunned him as a liability, the author has recorded his impressions of a dying society cast into darkness by the lengthening shadow of an ominous piety. As the cruelest age since 1618-1648 ravenously rises from the terrible incubus of self-hate, bathed in the amniotic waste of gloried sloth, the ostracized ciphers of the remnant American Mind might feel despair. But the author, hated and alone since emerging from toddlerhood, finds Hope with the return of Reality, seeking a path through the 3,000-mile Lie he was born slave to, as the false pillars of a 200-year Utopia sinks into yawning Dystopia and the way between offers the way-finder a thread betwixt the baying mob and the lingering and cuckold dead.
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