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Merry Lockdown
Teutonic Fist and the Crackpot Discuss Christmas
Chrisimus Day!
Dec 19, 2020, 1:57 AM (2 days ago)
You know what i find so fascinating about american christianity?
How absurd it is and at the same time how authentic.
Its a chamelon that changes its shapes and colors every few decades,
doing the history of christian church on speed run.
So Christmas comes around and with it another trope i love of utter
absurdty; the war on christmas.
Donald Trump gained alot of seal like applause complaining about what
happend to christmas and this gained him some support among the
evangelicans which i found uttterly hilarious. Because Trump is this New
York German-Scottish Presbyterian who went to sunday school, a wild
mixture, and he complains about the "War on Christmas", which the
presbyterian church outlawed. Historicaly speaking Christmas is a rather
wild holliday with feasting and drinking and violence, and the Puritans
had some good arguments to ban it in their american colonies. You read
Increase Mather and so most likely his Testimonies against supersticious
customes, and the heathenry, papist Chrisimus day named among them.
Same goes with things like pro life, a catholic doctrine, while the WASP
remnants embraced eugenics and margaret sanger and she rubbed shoulders
with the clan not so much because of the negroids in the south, but
because her policies would curb the reproduction of the papist migrants
in the east coast capitals.
Or how customs creep back into this online wannabe christianity of "trad
protestantism" like Excorisms. Man, if someone believes in excorisms,
thats off the rocker and their justifications for it is just as comical.
I realy digged into this hokus pokus and came up with nothing but then
you hear stories on these podcasts with the same stuff these people just
saw in William Friedkins movie. You know the most funny thing is when
they say these possed people speak in perfect latin as if any of these
dipshits could string three words in perfect latin together or even
identify portugese when they would hear it. Besides that why the fuck
would the demons speak latin. Are the demons the real catholics now?
Cause jesus lived in the greek speaking part of the roman empire
contrary to what Mel Gibson thinks.
I find it fascinating how they can take these corpse parts of other
cultures and religions and grind them up into a semi-monoculture custom.
So maybe the sausage should be the symbol of america, even through the
burger made out of grounded up, minced meat is already close enough, it
still isn't a consumable that was stuffed in its own animals colon.
I mean when you think about it how these jews in new york who only wear
black and mutilate the genitalia of their male newborns are just
imitating puritanism without the belt buckle hat thing.
So Christianity can take everything and over time make it all about
itself. That is real institutional power.
There was a good book written "The Germanization of Early Medieval
Christianity" about how modern western european christianity is just
rebranded pagan harvesting cycle customes and now in Covid Times i will
probably have the most authentic christmas since a few hundred years and
so can you, cause christmas involves just sneaking away from the family
with your buddies, going into the evergreen trees, burn the biggest log
we can find and get drunk. Thats what "christmas" is all about, a word
that does not exist in german by the way.
You know a few years ago we threw this empty mead bottle with its
clip-lock back on into the fire and after a while what we didn't notice
the cooking suggar and alcohol created enough pressure that it shot off
the lock and took a small pieace out of the castle ruin wall we were
celebrating at. Still beats consumer culture plastic garbage.
You know i had this religious teacher in school once, you have such
things when there is state religion and all, and it was this sorry
little woman that i considered as an insult that this mediocre halfwit
had to teach me about morals and such. And she despite being a
protestant made an efford out of defending that the Turin Shroud was
somehow real and one day i just lost my shit at her in class what kind
of fake she even is. Shes not a protestant when she buys into this
papist reliquen cult like even considering that this shroud wrapped
jesus, and shes not a papist either cause as such she would know that
women had to shut up about religious matters. And then i walked out and
at this point and a few weeks after that i left school altogether.

Being raised Catholic by parents who assured me we were Christians, I was shocked to move to Pennsylvania at age 13 and have Pentacostal kids tell us we were devil worshippers. Since that time I have spent much time with Christians across the country who, for the most part, believe that the other people I know who believe themselves to be Christians are not. This seems to be a strength and a weakness all in one. I say that because the constant schisms among Christians helps repair the damage done by the money and government cooperation that tends to turn long standing protestant denominations and their leaders into either prosperity cults or government adjuncts. For instance, back east, every church I went by had signs supporting rioting and homosexuality and telling their folk to stay at home "with God." These were all government programs and the churches were right there supporting them. But I have also broken laws in the west attending church amongst a few diehard Christians.
Of course, the New Englanders regarded the Papists as worse enemies of Christ then the Heathen Indians. All of the schisms I have seen or studied, from numerous families I know breaking up over interpretations of the Bible and God's will to the split between Greek and Roman and latter Roman and German Christianity, come down to doctrine. The Bible comprises 66 sometimes contradictory works and encourages constant heresy and reformation. This keeps Christian cohesion down and also makes it harder to stamp out. This is a Faith that resists mono-cropping and is hard for the governments and corporations to modify into a single pure strain so it can be more effectively used for control.
I have noticed an interesting defense mechanism among Christians of all types. I recognize many people who claim to be Christians on their word. Since religion is most profoundly belief and faith, I regard a person who believes themselves to be a Christian as a Christian. But this is my childish Heathen nature. Most people I know who believe them selves to be Christians tell me that the others who tell me the same, are not, because of doctrinal differences in the main. It is easy to see how this has become, in the formerly Christian and now secular word, Social Justice, by which any failure to express belief in a particular doctrine—perhaps a 64th sex, makes the person all evil. This tendency is one way that Christian churches keep popping up in opposition to the corporations and governments while older churches kiss the rings of power.
Another way in which Christianity shows it resilience and is also reflected as a cult of social negation and personal invalidation once scrubbed of the mystic, magic and miraculous elements, in the secular sphere, is the idea that there is no such thing as a bad Christian, that if a Christian—like Jimmy Swaggart for instance—is caught committing acts contrary to the Faith, he is said by other Christians to now be beyond the pale, to not be a Christian at all, but to have been an imposter.
In my personal life I have seen these tendencies to schism and ostracism along denominational and doctrinal lines shatter families and separate husband from wife and father from son. However, this also has a rejuvenating aspect that makes the many individual Christians and Christian denomination who believe each other to be false, harder for the system of soulless control and the workers of evil in the world, to harness or erase.
I was too stupid to function in catholic school and was transferred after First Grade to public school. I was also too stupid to read or factor there as well. But I did receive a gift, the clear view that the conduct of the secular teachers in the four public schools I attended was clearly far more Faith based, more doctrinaire, and more religious than that of the nuns at Immaculate Heart of Mary, the kindest of which was Sister Assumpta. This early given realization that the American State is a Religious Faith in a material temporal paradise for the fearful individual and prosperity everlasting for the giddy collective, has caused me almost total ostracism throughout my life. However, I would not trade that view to a truth for all of the lies that power our demise.
Finally, near the end of this road, some of the Christian folks who have ever always preached to me about how democracy is Christian and how God is in the government, can now see through the gross acts of The Beast and understand that their very damnation is the core goal of earthly governance.
It is fascinating how the secular corruption weaves its way into a metaphysic faith. Although democracy only existed in pagan Athens for a short time hundreds of years before the life of Jesus Christ, and thereafter and previously only occurred among warrior bands of Heathen hunters, the Modern American Christian still tends to firmly believe that the U.S. Constitution is the Shield of his Faith and Democracy its Sword, when neither existed in the time of their Savior and both have been created and wielded in the Modern World predominantly by deists, atheists, agnostics and other non-Christians. Thomas Jefferson, the most important framer of the Constitution, was a deist who stripped down the Gospels in his Jefferson Bible to a pure ethical system. Franklin was more of a pagan than Plato, and the majority of the framers held Christians of various races in bondage and worshiped only money. It might be worthwhile to reiterate here that "liberty" meant, at the time of the framing of our founding documents, the latitude to exploit your human property without interference from the King's officers telling you how many lashes you can lay on your runaway.
We Americans are a people born under a false history. So, it makes sense that those of us able to survive the eradicating intentions of the government and corporations will possess a Faith in something much older and otherworldly than the exactly 100-year-old Cult of Democracy.
As a science-fiction writer, I am predicting that the future for Christians who manage to untangle their belief in government from their belief in God is going to look very much like the life of Christians in the times of Paul and Perpetua. Christians who do not also worship disease, social justice, a martyr race and money will have to find an analog for the catacombs of old.
Merry Christmas.
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