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Merry Christmas, Lynn
Addressing the Editorial Angel of the Bored
Four years ago a woman appointed herself as my literary curator and editor and publicist and has managed to double my income from $225 a month to $450.
I told her, that all of the books she published of mine will be hers when I croak, which was the best I could do. My stuff should sell better when I’m gone.
But as I sit here in a camper bought by a reader, under a shed built be he and his sons, three wolf-sized dogs guarding the front door and fighting over me as their human pet, drinking booze and coffee for free, I just have to pay the lady. I won’t be satisfied until she is making more than I am.
The standing deal we have now, other than the croaked crackpot clause, is that she gets e-pub and hardback money and me pdf and paperback.
You know what, my boundless ego likes the idea of hateful hardbacks with my besmirched name upon them.
So, with our readership as witnesses, I want it to be known that all of the Sons of Aryas books and remaining Plantation America books will be exclusive hardbacks—that is all of the big history books will only be issued as hardbacks in print and e-pubs in electronic versions.
Also, every book Lynn publishes in 2021 will be a hardback exclusive, as well as the last books of this year, Night Song of the Nords and Who Writes the Songs of Night.
Search for an American Spartacus will only be available as a hardback and will not be released in any electronic format.
The lady makes nice books and has done more to save this jerk from himself than anyone.
She needs to get paid.
Thanks, Lynn, and thanks to all of you Crackpot Readers for making this recompense possible.
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roo_sterDecember 27, 2020 9:10 PM UTC

I expect to buy a few this year. I get them however I can: e-book, paperback, hardcover, .pdf, whatever I can. About 3/4 through Plantation America and have the blunt & edged violence books, too.

Merry Christmas to you both.
responds:December 28, 2020 2:03 PM UTC

Thank you, Sir.