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Soliloquy 2020
In Print as an Overton Railroad Draft
Soliloquy 2020: Science-Fiction Musings on the Possibilities of Life within the Machine: 12/2-22/2020 Paperback – December 24, 2020
Is the monologue in your mind, your soliloquy, at odds with the social narrative you find yourself immersed in? What are the Why’s and the How’s of the process by which right becomes wrong and bad becomes good?How might storylines be developed for near and far future fiction that will not be invalidated or even preceded by the ever-quickening changes in society? How might the artist, the novelist and the biographer ply his artful trade in a world buffeted by ever-changing values and norms without falling afoul of the rampant violence of the mob, the complaisant hysteria of the mind-numbed masses and the dizzying machinations of the soulless fiends who pilot this temporal machine?
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