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Good Ghosts in the Ghastly Machine
Senshureship Internalist Update
I do have the good news that of the four books held up over 8 times the normal review span, three have apparently been physically read by human beings, unwilling censorship ghosts within the machine, and okayed for publication.
This is surprising, as the content, once read will appear worse than the automated system block would have suggested, as most of my anti-government rhetoric is obscure and oblique, cryptically or comically worded. I suspect some kind souls gave me a break. Perhaps the human censors were entertained.
At this time, a Science-Haunted World is still being held hostage in Bad Thought Prison. I am finding it very difficult to process your email responses to posts and word files, so am sorry about that. My eyes are weary and my brain is mud.
It appears that the use of the acronym for Butt Licking Mamma got me flagged, as well as quoting the words of certain worthy lords of heavenly hue. Thank you so much for your support.
Some of your assessments are quoted below:

Hi James
Cant post on your site so you get another email
Unbowed is banned because you started right out of the gate with Church Lady at Twilight. Complete exposure of and your renouncing of "The System" isnt conductive to acceptance of TPTpublish good graces.
Granted, you have to grab the readers attention in the first pages but to avoid banning is going to be more difficult as we go on.
Im not sure if they are actually afraid of bloggers/authors awaking the sleeping mass or they just are effing with us. Like when they printed FRNotes the same color as Monopoly money and putting Andy Jackson on the $20.

Hi James,
thank you for the chance to look at the 2 books - I've just finished reading them.
Were the two books submitted to the South American River Company at the same time?
The reason that I ask is that it could be that an algorithm is flagging keywords in the text and that they are passed to a human element for consideration who will quite possibly be offended by the mix of content (survival, documenting etc) without the insight to see what is actually being written about and put them in limbo. If they were both considered by the same biased person this scenario would perhaps explain why these two were placed in the thought crime category whilst others were not.
If it were a companywide policy rather than an individual - perhaps many other Harm City titles would be flagged as they cover similar ground.
Both books contain "un sensured" versions of:
Words beginning with N to describe darker pigmentation (both quotes of others)
Bacon Lettuce Mayonnaise
Hope you're keeping well!

The links to the freed Overtone railroad Print Drafts are below:
And now, a day after I wrote the above post, the 3rd one to be submitted comes in dead last and is released from purgatory with time served.
I am pleased that this served as an example of human censors being more forgiving than AI censors and might make intrinsically hostile platforms more elastic.
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NCDecember 30, 2020 3:23 AM UTC

Bacon, lettuce and mayo?

Butt, Licking, Momma?

These are tame.

I use Burn, loot, murder or