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Wearing Wan
Missive to the Message Board
Over these past 9 years interaction with the readers through the comments section at the bottom of each article has resulted in numerous books. The Plantation America series was born here, as were numerous other books.
It has also been a drain on my writing and reading capacity, which is dependent upon my rapidly failing eye sight. I cannot write through oral dictation to person or a machine, as my spoken diction has very little to do with my written. I would be a completely different writer, with a quarter of the vocabulary and a retarded cadence. Besides, speaking is one thing that brings on eye seizures. I have only so many books left that I can read or write.
I would rather not have a comment section.
However, my webmaster insists that it is a necessary courtesy.
It is necessary for someone to approve the comments. For I have filtered out advertisements and various comments inciting armed rebellion against the government and ethnic warfare.
The web master will be taking care of that.
By way of courtesy, it is only right that I should let the readers know that I will never read another comment.
Comments have led to an entire 10 book series of history books which I did not want to write and is still 3 volumes from done. I just wanted to write fiction. I won't be taking any more inquisitive paths.
I do not want additional readers. If I ever get popular, I will get wytch-hunted off the internet and out of print.
If a reader is willing to put time into an email query to generate an article I will either answer briefly or write said article.
As for the writing left to be done there are:
-3 Plantation America books at the normal 700 pages each,
-4 Ancient History books, at about 500 pages each
-? Volumes in the Well of Heroes Series
-3 possible biographies, short
-10-15 novellas
If I manage to get that done I will be lucky.
Thanks for your support, and my failure to apologize for being an asshole is duly admitted.
-James, 12/29/20
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ThxDudeDecember 30, 2020 11:03 PM UTC

JLF. Appreciate the hard work. Cheers to your continued subsistence as one of America's foremost and without a doubt most feral outlaw writers.
ncDecember 30, 2020 3:17 AM UTC

Good by cruel world. You have roughly 52 lunar cycles before you ascend.