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The Nazi Question
How Would the Nation Envisioned by Alfred Rosenberg Handle Such a Media-Powered Disease?
I'm impressed that you could even get through the Myth of the 20th Century. I just couldn't do it. The next time you read it you should do it as a drinking game and take a drink every time he writes volkish; I mean, it was like twice on every page! What a horrible read. As much as I appreciate your throwing yourself on this grenade and taking one for the team, I do have a question in light of the current insanity. Since you actually slogged through it, how do you think, as a mental exercise for entertainment purposes only, that the government he wanted, the Nazis if you will, would handle such a disease? I ask this, because when this disease came out the people that were most freaked out about it other than the Hard Left was the Far Right. These WN guys turned out to be total pussies, flocking to the existing government to save them from the plague.
-Nero the Pict

Okay, Nero, I do know, from speaking to active modern fascists, that they share many demographics with the antifa types and the sissy save-the-world-from-ourselves hipsters in Portland:
-College education
-Non religious
-Have not been punched in the face
-Their leaders have high proportions of gay men
All of the above add up to being easily affrighted via information manipulation.
I think it is that simple.
Now, Rosenberg's Book as a history of religion and spirituality viewed through an ethnocentric lens. He advocated openly for a greater state religion that would embrace and include traditional religions, much like the Roman Model, which he despised on metaphysic grounds, but which practiced toleration of any religion that also recognized the cult of the emperor, or the worship of the state.
In many ways, what we have now is a fear-based, Aztec-like religion focused on the outer darkness of a gathering existential threat requiring great sacrifice from individual humans to feed the fearful powers. We live under a reign of theological dread in worship to the savior mechanistics of the Faceless State. Where the early Modern Christian man had Christ, an unequalled power of empathetic suffering to guide HIS course, the Postmodern America has for HER salvation an anonymous collective forever recalibrating the definition and doctrine of the salvation known as the greater good, which is an excellent tool for controlling through fear.
Rosenberg advocated rising above fear and doubt through illuminating action and ancestral pride. That is an effective ideological basis for fighting against the odds, a thing the nation lead by the Messiah he anointed did better than any other hopelessly outnumbered and overpowered combatant.
So, had such a fanatically positive worldview, which recognized the state as the Godhead and its leader as that living collective God's messiah somehow won that struggle and maintained political power into our time, and were faced with a political pandemic, as a science-fiction exercise, how do I think that the Third Reich would react to the Wuhan Flu?
I am assuming the same level of media hysteria as we have.
Heroically, the state would have hero funerals for the dead.
Volunteers would contract the disease to develop herd immunity and the evidence of African and Mestizo infected suffering worse outcomes would be used to promote racial purity and ethnic homelands for all peoples, which was Rosenberg's key point, that every race deserved its own homeland free of colonization. Anti-colonial messages would be spun out of the disease hysteria.
Once immunized, war would be waged against the races who spread the disease and ethnic cleansing would be used to cull disease vectors for future bio-attacks into the Reich.
State Ideology as Religious Fanaticism is an absolute value shared by the long-defunct Third Reich and the currently Funked American Left. So I see the same level of social control, but expressed as outward aggression against aliens and enemies rather than our own inward aggression against thought and speech.
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ncDecember 30, 2020 3:37 AM UTC

Embrace the change, not the change the Pharaohs are jabbing in every orifice, but the celestial change happening now. The Pharaohs are trying to stay on top when the cycle would naturally drive them under. Keep a positive mental attitude, do your best to eliminate the foreign matter from your diet and cleanse what you can from your body. Most of us in the west are Toxic in our body/mind/spirit contents (pick your ingredient).

Let go of those sheep and save who you can. The Meek will inherit the earth again after this change is completed (2050ish). All of us that can see, are privileged to live in this time. Man up and level up so your genes will survive the test of time.