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#4 Science-Fiction Predictions: Ritualized Social Control: 2025-29
The second reign of the Reparations Cult will be clutch and I expect it to be messy. The very people now overtly targeted for second-class subject status and wytch-hunting are the class of people who built, and now maintain infrastructure. So there will be bumps in the road. If you doubt this you are lost in the Lie. But consider, as one final thought, why are U.S. Citizen&nzc;efdhb;s discriminated against structurally in the way of acquiring licensing and identification in favor of U.S. persons who also have a more human designation?
What follows are conditions that need to be met to grow Leviathan on a planet undergoing reduced carrying capacity for the cattle it dines upon.
-1. The Middleclass must finally be reduced to niche, specialist status. The stage is set for this in many ways. But you greedy little people just work so damned hard to maintain your aspirations! The targeting of small businesses via continued looting might not have been feasibly maintained during the transitional four years. Shamdemics, however, will likely continue to favor corporations over small businesses and reduce construction, which has emerged as an overt goal of Shamdemicism. The powers behind the media throne do not think we are going to need more residential housing or business sites. That is a chilling suggestion that radical environmentalism has been a Creep State op all along.
-2. The second most important aspect of this period will be the final destruction of the indigenous family. The extended family is long dead in most areas of the land. But the nuclear family threatens to remerge as a social building block in reaction to the fact that housing is now too expensive for young families and extended nuclear family living is emerging as a survival strategy under vertical wealth redistribution. I see tax codes tweaked to favor individuals over families, unless immigrant families.
-3. Immigrant populations will be permitted extended family living in order to further reduce the security of the Native Infrastructure Race and render the remnant of traditional America into a specialist servant class for the elite, operating in security as well as transportation and mansion construction.
-4. State parks, national parks and national forests have become refuges for native nuclear families of the industrious type, living in campers to escape shamdemic lockdown. This has been noted by the Creep State and will be addressed. Expect severe restrictions on public lands use by natives. Also, expect the Asiatic tourist to be wooed to such places to infuse the System with what exactly?
-5. Expect cash money and physical currency to come under critical attack in this period, under cover of the ever useful War on Drugs, or other such fictions of public good. This is well under way. However, I think the Creep State will have some difficulty retooling currency to its own specifications, in light of the fact that it is our sacred article and at once their prime lever. A system of credit, already in place, is a likely replacement.
-6. Existing credit systems will be retooled, in cooperation with social media platforms, to include a social justice score, or some other method of reducing the credit score of hate-speakers and wrong-thinkers.
-7. A major military antagonist: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, will be required to focus international threat mongering away from the ongoing shit show in Africa. Hopefully we will at least have some aviation combat. Syria would be a nice place for this. However, I expect Cold War levels of ork and goblin double-dealing and no real large scale combat like 1991 and 2003.
-8. Laws, enforced by smart phone tracing, limiting mobility, will most likely be sugar-coated and soft-served.
Much of this period will be about setting up the bogus mandate of the next administration and trying not to be too heavy-handed in advance of the hard turning point ahead. The textual aspect of this period should be the glitch creep as system dysfunction due to purging native functionaries from the machine. After Stalin purged his army officers he found it almost impossible to fight off an inferior force in 1941. Likewise, since the enemy of the American States is the American People, we can expect the war on Americans to suffer from technical problems as well. Fortunately for the system, the slavish nature of the American Mind will prevent substantial resistance. That said, many fake ghost attacks on the sacred system will be conducted by Creep State agents to work up fervor for the War against Hate.
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ShepJanuary 2, 2021 12:56 PM UTC

Do you think it's possible that the War On Cash will be stymied by the immense profitability of the drug trade - both domestic and international? It would seem to me that lots of banks and real estate investments are dependent on cash from illegal sources (narcotics, gambling, prostitution), and a move away from cash would leave these businesses high and dry. As long as the vices are illegal, they are cash-only, and digitization of the currency would put them out of business, to the chagrin of the banksters.