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Sorrows of Childhood Complete
Child Slavery in America: A Historical Report
I have spent this past week completing a 12-part and roughly 10,000 word report on child slavery in America from 1617 through 2020 with some predictions for what is coming.
I lack the courage to publish what I planned on publishing in this space. I did not know that child slavery in the U.S. was still so common and also failed to realize that some of the people behind it are of unassailable identities.
If I manage to get this thing in print, I will post a notice here.
Do not ask for the pdf. I won't be releasing it electronically.
Thanks for your support.
James, 12/31/20
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Increase Mather XXIJanuary 3, 2021 3:41 PM UTC

I get the feeling these child slaves were of the "indenture servant" ethnicity.

Happy New Year James.