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Baltimore—Going Nation Wide
News from Door Dash Dan and Jeremy Bentham
Baltimore City 2020
Every 8.6 ours someone was shot
Every 19 days someone was stabbed to death
Every 21 days someone was killed more creatively
Every 26 hours someone was murdered
Most 30 day periods saw 33 killings
335 killings makes 2020 the third most violent year in Baltimore History
Of the last 100 people killed, including Tiffany, the first victim of 2021, 17 were female, a very high percentage, 6 of whom were killed in pairs.
Below Jeremy Bentham brings the uplift:

Happy New Year James!
‘Bitchez be Crazy’ Update
“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche, German Philosopher, 1844-1900
Homies, make a resolution to keep your pimp hand strong in the new year. They walk among us.
Prosecutors said Susan Wright killed her husband for his life insurance policy
Tx. Woman Who Tied Husband up in Bed and Stabbed Him 193 Times in 2003 Is Released from Prison
You predicted this trend over a decade ago. Didn’t you James?
Well at least a few white folks are starting to catch on now.
Will it be enough?
Crime is killing USA’s cities — if we just move away, it will follow us
By Karol Markowicz
December 7, 2020 | 8:03pm | Updated
In 2021 you will be on your own.
“Nine, One, One is a Joke!”
-Public Enemy (1990)
“SJWs always Double Down.”
-Vox Day
“Few topics in the social sciences have been studied more exhaustively since the 1960s than why blacks get in trouble so much more than other races. There are huge incentives for researchers to find a way to blame racism, but the statistics have never quite panned out.”
- Steve Sailer 08/07/2019
Minneapolis eyes deep police cuts after Floyd’s death
By STEVE KARNOWSKI - Associated Press
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BryceJan 3, 2021

This is good. The government's failure to keep order will remove its remaining legitimacy which was only a shred after this fraudulent election
guestJan 3, 2021

That's funny, i'm from Melanialand, where over the summer of 1991 we had a short war of independence, with "only" 63 total fatalities and 328 injured. Baltimore City is literally worse than a civil war zone.
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