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‘You Take Someone with You’
Modern Medicine through Sickness and Health: Myth of the 20th Century with Clare and Borzoi
I know two people personally who have died of medical neglect in 2020, and no one who has actually died of the Dread Minus, of the hundreds of people I know. I know two doctors, three nurses and three medical techs working out of 8 different hospitals. What our young lady, an ICU nurse interviewed about her experiences in this episode, Borzois bride, says on this podcast is essentially what I have heard from these people. Traditionally, in working class medical facilities, you only do well if you have a family advocate on guard at the hospital. This has now been prohibited. Hospitals are now death factories.
I am living with a family right now, whose mother is in a nursing home out of state where she liked being a year ago. However, now, with lockdown, and total atomization, she is not allowed to see anybody and feels like an animal in a zoo.
We are plummeting towards total economic collapse under the stewardship of what Adam calls our selected officials, and anyone under institutional care is under a death sentence. This is why prisons are being emptied so that the criminals can hunt the healthy humans on the street and the system can euthanize the sick in their assisted living care-turned prison facility.
This Young Lady, Clare Nightingale, though, reminds me how life renews. She was saved by Saint Judes Childrens Hospital, an organization I and 16 other fighters raised a few thousand dollars for in 2006 and 2007.
Why did we do that?
After the three Maryland medical charities that we tried to give money to either refused association with fighters, declined to send paperwork for less than a $5k guarantee, and in the case of the Maryland Diabetes Foundation, stole our $250 donation, I gave up on charity as a scam.
However, the one charity that would accept money of any amount and send out paperwork was Saint Judes Childrens Hospital. It was the only charity that Edgar Livingston, my head coach, would deal with and he was right. The rest were scum. If most charities are run for nefarious purposes, what about hospitals?
But that young lady was saved by that one decent charity and now she is having a baby.
Life renews.
The unfortunate aspect of even this counter culture discussion is that these awakened people still think that the Dread Minus handling in 2020 was poorly done, when it was one of the most effective psychological operations in human history.
No government has ever been in place to help the people, but to plunder them. Governments were founded to conduct sustainable plundering operations, never to facilitate the good of the people to be plundered other than to control them.
To even hope that you could help bring a decent government in place is to feed the machine with your dashed hopes.
There was no good time.
The 1950s sucked.
The 1960s sucked more.
The 1970s sucked even more.
What do we go back to?
Being human, despite the monstrous fiends dedicated to our extraction.
Think like a criminal.
There is no solution.
There IS a chance at survival, but not if you are trying to save the world that is trying to eat you.
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Jeremy BenthamJanuary 7, 2021 11:49 AM UTC

LMAO! "Selected officials", eh? I like that. It pretty much sums up the state of our 'democracy'. In truth most of the government officials who make decisions that directly affect people's lives on a day to day basis are not elected by the People. It's true as well that you can count the honest charities on your fingers. There is a lot of money to be made in 'not for profit' organizations. It's a clever scheme for creating a job for yourself. Your family members too. Politicians, both local and national, have been using their 'foundations' to launder bribe money for decades now. Such 'pay for play' operations used to be targets for investigative reporting by the big media to call the public's attention to the corruption in their midst. But nowadays the big news media is on the same side as the racketeers. Nothing to see here folks, move along now.
Denise HeupelJanuary 7, 2021 6:20 AM UTC

I left medical after 20 years a couple of years after they made the flu shots mandatory in order for them to get Medicare payments from the government. What I find ironic is the fact that the people who told me that they didn't want to get the flu shot because they weren't willing to wear the mask all flu season like I had to do on a religious exemption are now wearing masks full time out of fear. You are absolutely right about the system. I'm thankful I learned that lesson early. I can't tell you how nice it is to be in a community here that can see things for what they are. If I had a dollar for every time someone has looked at me wide eyed and asked where I came up with my ideas, I'd have been rich decades ago.
ncJanuary 7, 2021 3:27 AM UTC

5 min watch required for all!