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Bookstore Back UP
We are staying alive. We will not be subverted.
From the Webmaster
The last couple of weeks have been wild. Our webhost unexpectedly forced a new security protocol down our throats, requiring me to quickly overhaul a good portion of our codebase. While fixing dozens of odd errors incumbent with said changes, I crippled the bookstore. The bug has since been found, and squashed.
For those of you who have been attempting to pickup a ebook on the site in the last week, and may not have been able to: I apologize for your wasted time. Please give it another go!
The store is functioning properly
We are implementing new measures to prevent this in the future. I'm proud to say, despite this recent downtime, that we've managed to stay open most consistently since 2011.
And furthermore, a plentitude of new titles is being prepared for release very soon! Stay tuned.

Please help the site by reporting bugs! I am but 1 person, and our foes are many! <webmaster@james...>
Thank you all for your patronage. We will always honor our readers and customers. Stay healthy out there folks.
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JJ_AbrahamJanuary 9, 2021 9:41 PM UTC

Thanks for hooking this back up. Definitely getting some more books this year. Cheers.