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In Like Flint
Three More Overton Railroad Drafts
"OMG, this creep uploaded three more books about dystopia now—Ellen, give me a Xanax...I know you have a whole bottle, Bitch! help a sister out."
"Thanks, Girlfriend, for helping a sister out."
"Maw, maw, maw, maw, maw?"
"Of course I'm going to approve these without reading them. I haven't slept well since I read the last three—and could you imagine what an email from this asshole would be like?"
"Oh, ma girl! How'd you get that bottle of vodka in here past that Nazi bitch at the front desk?"
"Maw, maw, maw, maw, maw."
"Way to take one for the team, Ellen. I'll get you some knee pads for your birthday."

This Island of Broken Men: Essays, Articles 10/18 - 12/18 Paperback January 11, 2021

Winter in a Dying City: A Requiem for Baltimore Paperback January 11, 2021

Weak Devil: A Woke Devil in Portland, Oregon, January-March 2019 Paperback January 11, 2021
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