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#6 Science-Fiction Predictions: Cosmic Aspects of Post-Human America: 2034 and Beyond
What follows are my interpretations of the desires of control possessed by our often unseen masters and what I view as the resultant System Thirst in line with the perverse aspirations of system functionaries.
-1. Hunting will only be permitted for the super elite.
-2. Human reproduction must be controlled by state and corporate entities, not individuals and never by families. This is where the Creep State agenda of bringing in tens of millions of breeding families to marginalize those Native Americans who had largely already been seduced by safety and plenty into not reproducing, hits the wall of critical system failure. Hopefully, robotics and drone technology will have rendered the System capable of the massive genocides necessary to cull breeders. If not, the hazardous course of designer disease to wipe out Mestizo and Bantu Americans will be undertaken. The humane hope is that the breeders will self-sterilize like previous American demographics. The System could come under such continuous low-intensity Islamic, Amish, Mormon and Catholic resistance that a critical fracture occurs. I favor the devolution of “Hinterlands” into rural religious regions and cities into elite enclaves, as this is an ages’ old pattern and is currently supported by the “red-blue” municipal political map.
-3. By this point it should be known if the global cooling cycle is going to abate or intensify and/or continue. If the news is bad, The System will be tasked with moderating mass population movements. Failure in this could further wreck the machine.
-4. At this stage, the Elite hope is that They have gained the ability to perpetuate itself willfully as a Risen God. Upload of the knowledge and personality is currently in vogue as the likely method. Although this is clearly desired, I think that it will yet remain beyond man’s ability before the system cracks. The first means by which this will be done will be human fabrication, the birthing of designer babies, at first using donor sperm and eggs and tweaking the genetics. This is already well under way. I see, rather than cloning, a more egotistical desire to be a parent of a better self, the designer and developer of one’s own upgrade. Such activity, if successful, may result in a separation of humanity into Titans and serfs, and, ultimately, facilitate the AI upload drawn from some apex character or elite cabal.
-5. The rampant insanity of atomized life will require very personalized diversions. The sham sports that have been our bread and circuses for so long will give way to something more personal. Most likely, such diversions will combine voyeuristic detachment such as in viewing ball sports and pornography and music videos, with the video gaming immersion and drug enhanced trance induction and maintenance. I see this being dominated by drugged emersion in a manga self.
-6. At some point, once popular support is no longer required to align with System goals, I would expect to see the secret activities of the elite being elevated to the scale of spectacle and religious ritual. In such a setting, video streams of the hunting, rape and torture of criminals—particularly fallen servants—would become the delicacies of the atomized anti-masses and the sublime joy of their Masters. In short, if the system continues to progress along its current, and 400-year long trajectory, I expect a world where a future Slick Willy will conduct erotic child sacrifices before millions and be loved and envied for it.
My overall prediction is that what remains of humanity on earth will be ordered in the following manner:
-1. Elites or Titans, with median IQ in what is currently the genius range, with a concurrently retarded ability to interact directly with the serfs, placing great potential power of the Janissary and Mameluke kind in the hands of their ruthlessly manipulative and violent servants
-2. Servants, highly intelligent and ruthless functionaries in corporate and state employ, from doctors and educators to slave traders and soldiers
-3. Serfs, imagine a post-moral media-minded America with a medieval IQ—a Baltimorean
-4. Tribal/Ethnic/Religious dissidents, most ethnically prominent being African, Mestizo and Middle Eastern. Religious resistance will come from most to least: Muslim, Catholic [mestizo only], Mormon, Amish [they will resist the outlawing of organic childbirth] and Black-Hatted Abrahamics, evangelical Christians, with major branches of Christianity controlled by the System. Metaphysic outliers will also include neo-Heathens which would be a tiny minority and bridge with the criminal class. Reformed, Hindu, Daoist, Buddhist, Sikh, New Age, Shinto, Mennonite, and Confucian followers are expected to offer little dissent and people the system posts alongside the secular humanist, deist, masonic, Atheistic and mainline Christian and remnant Caucasian Catholic servants of the Titans.
-5. Criminals, lone, gang, clan and cult based, with ties to all of the above classes, will have dynamic and conspiratorial interactions both positive and negative, with each of the classes. Once resistance is triggered, the Titans will need the criminals as a counterbalance to their increasingly powerful servants. Crooks might foster Amish babies away from the medical establishment, provide counter-intelligence on the elite to aspirational servants seeking to supplant a master, murder un-corruptible cops for the elite, run slaves for the religious heretics and the elite, round up pale serfs to be sold for meat to Nigerian tribesmen—and provide drugs for all of the above, which will likely be their universal in.
And thus, we could return to a fair model of medieval Christendom under its evil pope, witches burning on the horizon, degenerate monks copying books they cannot fathom, savage murderers stalking borderlands, the huddled mass of humanity shivering in misery, criminals preying on them all, and out in the hinterland and in unused basements amongst the ruins of once graceless cities, religious heretics preaching that the mechanisms of control are neutral, and that if only they would replace the evildoers working the levers of power, that misery would be banished and plenty would blanket the lot of Man against the cruel winds of change under the One True God.
End Cycle.
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New LedfordJan 17, 2021

Although I could easily imagine a new feudal order arising, I doubt it's contours would follow anyone's present design. Did the Roman elite draw out the plan for the Medieval order, or the Myceneans plot the rise of the city-states of classical Greece? Immediate survival and short-term power quickly take precedence. If you die, so do your plans. We'll see what happens. The young might live to see the beginnings of what comes next.
Denise HeupelJan 17, 2021

These are the articles I look forward to. I wish you still did your videos.
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