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Letters in the Abyss
Devil Dick and the Cracked Pottery Muse on Phillip K. Dick's Ongoing Acid Trip
Being the unsolicited ghost writer for a long-dead author has its problems, not least of which is being prompted by keen young minds as mine dulls.

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Devil Dick
Sun, Jan 17, 11:13 AM (8 days ago)
to me
Hey James, saw your science fiction predictions. #5 Has been in development since at least 2016. Another thing to mention is that the Obamas got a job at netflix after the end of Barack's presidency.
I saw elsewhere you mentioned our system has become similar to the aztecs. The headline reads "Facing another retirement home lockdown, 90-year-old chooses medically assisted death". This incident is real disgrace, and I'm picturing a future where people's lives are so empty despite all the cum and drugs that they willingly choose to off themselves. I imagine it will start with vulnerable people and move on to a cult of life where the duration of your existence in this great civilization is determined by your social credit score.
- Devil Dick

James LaFond
Mon, Jan 18, 1:39 PM (7 days ago)
Will do a post tomorrow, Thanks, Devil Dick

James LaFond
Wed, Jan 20, 12:21 PM (5 days ago)
Am behind because of finishing a novel. Will post on Friday.
Devil Dick
Wed, Jan 20, 6:20 PM (5 days ago)
No problem. Hope you're doing well after the ASSAULT on the demos and freedom that occurred recently. I am literally shaking. Anyways, have a happy inauguration

James LaFond <>
Thu, Jan 21, 1:45 AM (4 days ago)
thanks for reminding me that it was inauguration day.
the beer was cold.

1/25/21 wriing on the backend of the site.
Devil Dick, sorry for the tardy reply.
After your first email I was watching the History Channel with The Colonel and steam came from his ears when he saw that every commercial break had a sacred induction with the various satanic meat-puppet presidents placing their hands on the Bible and saying, "So help me God." These scenes all reeked if sham in our eyes in that this was the first big deal made by the media of the sacred aspect of "election" and it waited until an election had been falsified blatantly until it was made into such a "bi-partisan" induction of a savior figure in a money-making suit. This was one of those moments in life—and we see it every 15 minutes every day we watch documentaries in which the stage hands of the Steerage Cults piloting our ship of deceitful delusion are heard behind the curtain and seen exiting the stage with their props.
It is of interest that although the language of the Founding Fathers concerning the Almighty, the Cosmos if you will for you non-heathens, and our place in it, was in large degree a metaphysical correction of the Maga Carta, which explicitly demotes God to witness to the acts of man and features the abdication of the King's responsibility to protect his supporters from international financiers and indigenous oligarchs, by placing America as "One Nation Under God," that it does so duplicitously, in obfuscated diction.
For instance, in the Bible, Election is the term that describes the elevation of Kings and other rulers and actors [Noah for instance] "By God". Yet election in America was placed first in the hands of oligarchs [their rapacious nature the reason for the need for kings and manifestly not God, gods or angels], their electors, eventually the babbling idiot masses of the demos in 1920, and thence in 2020, was transferred to the media—the priesthood, with no modern or postmodern cult or class of folk more reflective of ancient temple conclaves than our media, the foremost, most vested and most visible cabal of didacts, inductors, sorcerers and shadow-weavers of our age.
So, since Election has been reassigned by Man, from God to Man, at the very time when God was elevated again above man in the civic Western mind some 300 years ago, and this reeks of sorcery and seems the very fruit of the deceiver, what is the real meaning and origin of inauguration?
"Inauguration is all about telling what the future holds—etymologically speaking. Inaugurate comes from the Latin word inaugurare, which was formed by combining in- with augēre, meaning “to increase.” Augēre is likely the origin of augur, spelled the same in Latin and English, though the path of the word’s development isn’t certain."
Note that the auger in the ancient world was the work-a-day prophet who divined auguries from the livers of animals, the flights of birds, and that he was a consultant as to the divine sphere and heavenly will as well as a guide in the treading down the steps of Time.
My reading of the sources indicates that the use of the word transferred from French to English around 1560, with roots in antiquity, was a ceremonial consecration of the object of elevation to the divine sphere, that the president is very much our Pharaoh, our Intercessor, our High Priest, the gatekeeper between we Wee and hallowed Infinity.
This was ever seen as a good in antiquity. But, as we live under a system that declares plainly, that it is only concerned with earthly prosperity and physical security, material safety and monopolizing force, why is it that at the core of this earthly system, is a declaration that it stands between us and the Cosmos, between us and God?
Is this not deceit?
The face of our words are forever misrepresented to us long after being handed down to us by the Steerage Cults.
It is something to ponder, perhaps that these are simply big words borrowed from antiquity to impress the mewing masses of the ruled with the moral patrimony of their rulers.
But, were the most brilliant men of their age, really as shallow as that?
Did the Founding Fathers, who I regard as a cabal of archfiends, did they really appreciate and covet the power of the Word, or were words, even the most sacred and sublime, simply convenient labels for their aspirations and actions?

Thank you for the links above.
In the 2009-2014 writing of The Sunset Saga and Organa, I suggested that drugs would be used as part of the gaming experience and that children would increasingly be commodified, particularly non-altered children, or "organics."
In light of the value of youthful tissue in longevity medicine for the elite, it was a no-brainer to join most of my colleagues in science-fiction in predicting that the little ones of the poor would be used as spare parts for the rich, something probably already decades underway.
In the short novel I just finished, Beyond Rainbow Bridge, set in 2041, I have supposed that children with ARDS [Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome] would be granted agency, full liberty over their own bodies, taking them out from under their tyrannical parents, and granting them the legal status to enter into contracts with the medical establishment directly—advised by a neutral advocate-social worker of course—much as current children are advised by such folks into transgender surgery. However, since I love kids so much, I thought how nice it would be if these "ARDS-up" kids, alone in a hospital, like Dandelion Machi, would be permitted to abandon their bodies to the organ harvesters so that they could fly across Rainbow Bridge and live forever with Brill and Brillinda Yates as little angels in a manmade heaven.
I think that such a fate for future children is probable along the visible trajectory of Modernity.
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