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The Mark
Flood No. 13
Eldorado Lounge, Baltimore Street, 1994
He was getting somewhat long in the tooth, but still liked to impress the young ladies, and more than that liked their tender company. The girls at the Old Eldorado Lounge on Baltimore Streetn, before it moved out to Lombard Street in Highlandtown, had the finest little dancers in town, all of them part black, part Asian and part something special—like they was built in a factory that had his particular taste in mind. They were pale like white women, but round like black women and had those soft features halfway between the two. He just always thought a white woman looked like a wicked witch in the face. So this Asian-Negro mixing seemed to be the one case were miscegenation made some kind of sense, in breeding strippers. He supposed it was some hard-working GIs that had done it overseas…
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