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Dream Eater
Backstory Notes for the Science-Fiction Novel about the Neanderthal Diaspora
[My comments are in brackets.]

More Rusty's Vignettes + Conan Synchronicity
Sat, Jan 23, 5:02 AM (2 days ago)
Just wanted to say your conversation on Ancient Greek fighters was excellent, and brought more depth to my current readings. (Just finished Herodotus and am now on Pindar in my pursuit of the Great Books…slowly but surely.)
[Try Archilochus, which means "squad-leader," who seems to have been the estranged lover of Sapho of Lesbos, both of them sharing residency with Aesop on that island.]
Also, I’ve been reading Robert Howard for my bedtime fiction and am now on Hour of the Dragon, and then you go and start posting about it.
[Howard is haunting us, I believe, warning us about Phillip K. Dick's mind being used to maze us, I think leaving echoes of our hubric nightsongs for us to stumble upon as we lurch towards oblivion.]
Just a couple of weird synchronicities there. (Are we still in Philip K. Dick’s simulation, or what? Shit’s just downright weird lately.)
[Look, Bro, Phillip K. Dick, is not dead. He is suspended in gelatin on the dark side of the Moon dreaming for the aliens that came here to hunt us, using his psychedelic nightmares to herd us onto game trails of the mind where our souls might be harvested for their grisly feast.]
Here’s another weird one…Your post about Johns Hopkins…I was in a Gifted and Talented program in the early 70s for pre-school and kindergarten run by Johns Hopkins U, back when my dad was stationed in the Tidewater area. I remember a few things such as my head being hooked up to electrodes and the like and going to classes in darkened rooms across town from where we lived.
[This explains a lot, because while your smartass was in GATE, I was spending three years in special ed with Benjamin, who had to laboriously sound out every letter, Cary, who was fucking nuts, and two other dumbasses. Finally, as the smartest one, I was able to read in 5th grade and by 7th grade was reading at a senior in college level. One thing I recall, was the blinds were always open and the light killed my eyeS. To this day I go around turning off lady lights and closing blinds whenever I stay somewhere, like this church lady's house with all the shoulder high lamps and candles and bright googaws and open windows—drives me crazy and causes eye seizures. I seriously think we are afflicted by sorcerers weaving their lies on our herd-mates and driving us Neanderthal remnants insane. It's why they are keeping Dick alive in that 40-year acid trip. I'm sending you By Gaslight to read, which IS about the same thing.]
I got to thinking about Johns Hopkins lately because the past couple of weeks has seen some schizo-posting on /pol/ by others who had been in similar programs and the commonalities of outcomes in people’s lives. There was a list of about 15 commonalities that people were coming up with, and I seem to have matched about 10 of them. Main thrust of these commonalities being about intelligent people who end up becoming ‘losers’. And some of the other seemingly trivial commonalities included having an Israeli girlfriend. (I didn’t have an Israeli girlfriend but went out a couple of times with an Israeli chick who was waaaay out of my league a couple of times in Community College.)
[I so wanted an Israeli girlfriend! She had the nicest ass and the biggest tits and had long black hair and lived across the street from me. She tolerated me because I was her brother's protector, but let me know I was not genetically qualified to touch her.]
Was I MK-Ultra’d and neutralised as a threat to the system? Or am I a Zoolander-type sleeper assassin? It does seem there were times in my life where I was being ‘handled’ by someone. Oh well, just a little mental masturbation.
[You were neutralized into the spectator niche like me, I suspect. We have been set up as the cardboard cutout fans at the arena of life. May we also see the fiends feast upon our witless tormenting fellows before we are carted out for desert. I think cautionary weirdos like us are part of the shepherding method used by the Steerage Cultists. We serve a purpose—to look into the darkness and see the truth results in ostracism, while being blinded by the blaring light of the lie brings the bliss of the fruit-starved gardener. outliers like us are like the adventurous deer who get eaten by the cougar—our demise reinforcing herd behavior, since economic failure in our Utopian World is the equivalent of death in the animal world.]
Hope you’re keeping well.
All the best,
-Gentleman with a Sharp rapier

James LaFond <>
Can i use this for a piece?
Hope you are well.
I am writing okay, trying to stay fit.
health to you

Sat, Jan 23, 4:32 PM (2 days ago)
Sure, go ahead, my pleasure. Take care.
Here’s the list of commonalities:
A few similarities about us became apparent as the threads naturally evolved;
- Blue eyes (hazel seems equally common)
- Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the back of skull = Neanderthal trait)
- Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)
- Near Death Experiences (particularly drowning)
- lack of memory of GATE - (we all did many many hours there, and it's very vague)
- windows were covered in GATE classrooms
- tendency to being followed (abductions and general tracking too)
- Law enforcement being extremely lenient and easy during chance encounters
- IQ’s are often as high as 130; 100 is the average. Many have IQ’s in the genius range of 160
Other similarities, less common but still a few exGATErs agree on these too;
- Interest in /x/ phenomena
- Heavy early twenties drug experimentation period
- Forehead scars
- Early speech therapy
- First born sons
- Migraines
- Israeli art student girlfriends (not even joking)
- Meme Magic
- Premonitions/prophetic dreams
- Above average intuition
And here’s a link to one of the archived threads that came up in my feed earlier today, apparently they are getting 404’d a lot:

Thank you, Gent.
Now, four years ago I outlined Dream Eater and still have to begin writing it. Hopefully this year. I did a previous treatment of the Neanderthal question in Beyond the Ember Star and Den of the Ender, part of The Sunset Saga. The premise is that a time machine is used to access primitive populations of unaltered humans for harvesting and processing to a future where Human Fabrication Corporations [in the same setting as Organa] can then use these people for various purposes, including theme parks, medicine, human engineering and as breeding stock for generation ships built to carry the greatest uploaded minds into the stars, like an AI Noah taking his ark to a new planet.
Dream Eater will use blood travel down through Time for an alterative exploration of this question.
Thanks for giving me some backstory material.
Take care, and keep the blinds drawn!
Those fiends are out there in their sunglasses and suits, waiting to pick us off.
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