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The Beaver Dam
Teutonic Fist and the Crackpot Wax Misogynistic on Human Husbandry as the Ageless State of the Drones of Cuckmenistan
8:50 AM (2 hours ago)
Any thoughts on human husbandry?
I think about this word every time i hear or read american right wing larpers talk about things like how their movement would be more stable if their people wouldn't be incels but married with kids, or how masturbation is a jewish conspiracy to drain energy from white mens balls.
And then i laugh about it.
because of this word "husband".
Is there any word more removed from masculine virtues and manly vigor than "husband"? House-bound, like an indoor cat. House bound like retreating into the little mancave where he can grow a beer belly and watch the game or something gay like that. Marriage is the death nail for any serious political movement. When i was interviewed by the Secret Police at age 14, one of these pigs told my dad afterwards "yeah this extremism stuff disapears as soon they have girlfriends", and in 99% cases it is.
And now i think about it again cause, you know, someone we both know now talks about his wife and upcoming child every three sentences, after complaining first that podcasting isn't a friend simulation and an online community isn't real. Now he all does is humble brag about how he met his waifi over the internet cause of all the palefaces in america
they had "a connection". Its pathetic.
But the masturbation critique is even funnier cause if they think hitting up naughty videos on the phone is draining energy they never lived with a woman before. Cause fucking three times a day will drain any guy dry who on top of that has to go wagecucking. There was even a book written about that in the mid 1970s by this femnist Esther Vilarwho just wrote out how pathetic and weak domesticated men are who have no energy to fuck when they wagecuck eight hours a day and how feminism is the resentment of women about weak men.
What usualy follows is that such a sucking succubus overtakes some poor saps social life and thats usualy the point where you have to take a friend to the side and confront him with the situation that either this pussy whipping bullshit stops or he can fuck off and play house with his hole.
Today you can't even call it husband anymore when his wamens pays half of the rent. So i know this guy who was always a pussy whipped guy, raised by wierdo mother and older sister, smokeing lots of dope, taking drugs, doing the most low effort lowest risk sort of crime, basically being a bitch. And there is always this sort of woman who selects for guys like that, who can sniff it out that they can run roughshod over such guys. I expierenced it sometimes how his girlfriend at the moment was arguing with him over some bullshit infront of me and this rubbed me realy the wrong way and the first time i just laugh about ti cause hes such a bitch he can't keep his woman in check, second time i get loud and vulgar cause if you can't handle her i just do it myself. Here is my card!
Or how like an apartment changes when a woman descides to build a nest there like a beaver dam, pun intended, with lots of clutter and "room sprays" and shit like that. Being bound in such a house would be worse than hell. For me. I helped once such a guy move some furniture around and behind the bed there was one pair of handcuffs with pink plush on them which at first was "urgh i touched stuff in this room i should check myself with this black light they have on TV for dirty hotels" and then i bursted out laughing and throwing shit around cause most likely its him getting bound and pegged by that cunt. How is it that these pathetic, weak, not dominant at all domesticated men have these domination fantasies.
Anyway one of my buddies was teasing me lately about how this one ex-girlfriend he knows back from when we went all to the same school skipped out on a date with me that was ofcourse just about me wanting to sqeeze her ass again and so this other more beta bitch type of guy has to insert "oh i never met her, why don't you ever bring her around" and i responded harshly because its none of your fucking business who i fuck. I think a big part of this whole domestication is the intermixture of all these relationships and holes overtake just everything like a black hole and i never had any intention to meet her dumb friends or anything like that. Back when i had rabbits it was always putting the doe to the buck if you wanna breed them, never the buck to the doe cause she will attack the buck. Why should it be different for people.
-Teutonic Fist

Bro, Beaver dam!
I and most men I know can attest that the surest way to stop having sex with a woman is to marry her.
Interestingly, even though the conjoined word means house-bound in its origin, and limited the power of the man to act to his household, and the domestication and enslavement of people and animals both used bound and bond from the same period, the online dictionaries talk about "mastery" which is nowhere hinted at in the word itself.
My editor, Lynn, brought this up a year ago in a discussion of Plantation America.
Of, course, in my own life, I have noticed always, that when men marry they usually:
-become morally unsure
-become obsessed with money
-become passive
-become bitter
-become the targets of workplace harassment
-stop training in combat
-stop playing sports
-start watching sports
-become the servants of the wife
It is funny, that the two women of the men I am staying with, who are much better wives than what you find in cities and suburbs, have both noted how much work I do around the acreage. But they handle this differently.
The one is a the wife of the Captain, who has given her man many sons. The other met the Colonel late in life, so they have no children together.
The Colonel's wife, watching me dig a ditch, says, "I wish the Colonel would worked like this at home," as if she does not realize that he works hard away from home. The Colonel just shakes his head and ignores her when she brings this up or says, "This man is touched in the head—he actually likes digging ditches. If I cared to have a ditch, I would use my back hoe. He is simply engaging in exercise, the outcome of which meets with your approval."
He then reminds me to stop spoiling her and take some time off.
The Captain's wife, simply thanks me for helping her husband, wonders out loud why I am so good-hearted about the Captain's banter when he plays cards with me and assigns me a task, "Cracka, when you set foot on the Captain's Plantation, yo bess put yo mind ta work!"
He then breaks out the beer and whiskey and we play cards late into the night, his wife saying her nighttime prayer, "Good Lord, please help LaFond learn how to play cribbage better so that he can knock my arrogant husband down a peg or two off of his high horse!"
These women have bear, cougars and coyotes to contend with and see their husbands as protectors, in a combination of the primal and domesticated sense and represent a compromise between natural masculine-feminine dynamics and domestication. I have also noted, that wives enjoy and respect their husbands more when those men are absent for extensive periods. The most dedicated wives in my hometown in the Plantation Age, were the wives of ship's captains, who would have a Widow Walk at the peak of their house where they could peer out over the harbor in search of their husband's returning ship—and I bet, that they called their husband "The Captain," when referring to him. So it is with my hosts, with the men gone 12-14 hours. In the absence of sons to care for the property we can see why bitterness would build in our non-breeding population, as well as the fact that there is no land to care for in suburbia.
There is balance in these households, with both of the wives asking permission of their husbands before spending money and in other matters according to the modern definition of the "master of the house." However, in places where the man does not work in manual trades—these men being a lumberjack and a builder—such as in suburbia and in cities, I have noted that the wives master the household and the man conforms very much to the bound definition at the root of this discussion from the 1300s. This is the return of slavishness and the shackling of the man alluded to much in myth and epic. The Word, as the ancient Aryans believed, is a thing of power, and as much as we might lie about what it means, it will bring us back to its gravity well of truth.
The female mastering the household is the normal primal condition. However, the man is mostly hunting, herding, ranging, trading and making war in such settings and is not stuck in the dwelling as a competitor for the domestic space. The key to civilized life is taking away the man's latitude to range, hunt, war, and such—enslaving him—and then placing him in the house as the master of the woman instead of the returning mate. The fact that they are both now hostages of the system and there to be counted and taxed makes them literally into the livestock of the tax farmer.
Some mythic treatments of this theme of husband as slave or woman as a weakening element are listed below.
-Enkidu is seduced by Shamahat and loses his vitality and freedom and eventually his life at the hands of a goddess curse.
-Samson is seduced and betrayed by Delilah in her whore house.
-Achilles, the women or woman who have him his sons having no hold on him, even having his slave girl taken by Agamemnon, remains the peerless raging warrior 3,000 years later. He literally left his wife and household knowing he would die in the war, avoiding a fate worse than death—domestication.
-Menaleus, the cuck, remained king of Sparta but is not counted much of a man and rules side-by-side with his queen, Helen.
-Agamemnon, master of the slave wife captured at Troy will be murdered in his bath.
-Odysseus: his men lured to doom by sirens, himself and men lured to doom by Circe the goddess, his men turned into swine, he not taking the hand of a Phacean bride whose folk were weak and pretty...
-Odysseus returns to his home where Penelope is besieged by prospective husbands, men so debased and weak that Odysseus outwits and slaughters them all with the aid of his son Telemachus.
It is noteworthy that the Odyssey is thought by some to have been written by a woman.
-Charlemagne, First King of Christendom, is so eager to return home that he open's himself up to ambush by the Saracens and is only saved by Roland's sacrifice, by the warrior for whom honor called more strongly than homecoming.
-The King of Hereot, who has a wife and many men, is helpless before Grendel and his Fiendish Mother, and must be rescued by Beowulf, wandering as a hero, and if he might have a wife or household, not bound to them.
-And out of the Plantation Era, we have Daniel Boone, besieged at his Kentucky station where he lived with his family and knocked down by enemy warriors outside of the gate of the station. He is rescued by bachelor Simon Kenton, who uses Dan—broke leg and all—as a missile that he throws at a blocking warrior!
Also, Messach Browning, who slew more panthers, wolves and bears than any other known hunter, often with a knife, who fought a platoon of bullies and survived, and lived most of his life alone hunting after escaping bondage, was a visitor in his own home, and had 64 children [mostly sons] and grandchildren in his 80 years of life. [1]
It seems the home is a fine place when it is your base.
As for the term husband, I have noted that women usually use it dismissively and that women who are really proud of their man, like to call him, "My Man," or call him by his name with a tone of respect. The fine lady who lives here, calls me "LaFond," because her man and I have the same name, and it is a name she says with a respect and affection reserved only for him.
I have always thought that labelling each other as mutually held social properties, as husband and as wife was a betrayal of each other in favor of the social hierarchy which menaces, negates and steals from us. In fact, my wife and I, when together, never referred to each other as possessions, but by the names we met under.

-1. Midwives have long known, and I know this to be true, that when a man inseminates his mate often, she is more likely to have a girl, and when insemination is irregular, the likelihood of a boy is much greater.
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bilejonesJan 30, 2021

Well it beats the crap out of animal husbandry.
Bruce Lee Marvin GayeJan 30, 2021

OT I know but....interesting nonetheless.
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