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Machete Virus
Chronology of the Near Future Novel about Self-Aware Hardware
Threat evaluation
Tyrone Terrance Jacksonarius
5:29 AM (5 hours ago)
One of my buds send me the following, from data on a local community website.
"Some cretins are driving around the hoods in a black Chrysler 300, tossing firecrackers at pale faces walking their dogs."
Now I realize for a seasoned urban survivor such as yourself, this will seem pretty tame. But this is new behavior to this town, its a bedroom community, engineers, science types, mid & low level management. A very pro law & order kind of town, in a very gun friendly state. Quiet.
So where would this scale on the collapse index?

Alright, TTJ, I suppose you want a trajectory. Tuesday is supposed to be for history writing and posting, so I'm stretching the outline a little to help a brutha out — good for you you ain' no chump-ass cracka...
Threat level followed by accelerant conditions:
0. 1948, Suburbs built as “bedroom” post community dwelling space
1. 1968, Incubators join workforce
2. 1978, Drones stop fertilizing incubators
3. 1988, ghost Children no longer run the streets
4. 2008, Drones and incubators adopt distant children [many adults] of martyr hue as a remote care option
5. 2014, 2015, 2020, Distant child slain
6. 2020, Drones and incubators kneel in worship at his ascension
7. 2020, Martyr folk given diplomatic immunity levels of law enforcement deference
8. 2020, Martyr folk begin “joking” drones and incubators wit firecrackers and such. Any complaints will serve as evidence of racial hatred and the need for ethnic cleansing, supported by ghost media establishment and government
9. 2024? Martyr folk begin public rape, abduction and enslavement of drones and incubators
10. 2028, Machete virus outbreak [Bro, 2 weeks ago, a friend in Manhattan sent me a picture of a shipper display of machetes in a retail outlet, I suppose to clear away all of the brush at the foot of Trump Tower…] The media has no idea what is happening to ghosts found with cleaved forehead and crudely amputated left hand. It is thought to be caused by mask non-compliance attracting self-aware social-distancing virus
11. 2030, Grey God Rises as those ghosts resisting machete virus compliance have a car tire yoke placed on their shoulders and they are doused with gasoline and set alight.

Roast Ghost
Tenderize with sneakers
Baste with gasoline
Garnish with car tire
Light his ass up!
Serve with $7.99 half-tang forestry machete…
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