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Nordic Survival
Erudite Essays on the Origins and Survival of a Human Kind from the Stone Age to the Stoner Age
Paperback – February 10, 2021 by William Rapier (Author)
With a forward by the Crackpot LaFond
Edited and published by the Literary Angel of the Bored, Lynn Lockhart.
What are the origins of the most self-loathing kind of men? Where did they come from? When did they rise? Where did they thrive? Why have they ceased to strive?Might they survive? Renegade opinionist, William Rapier, whose publisher has turned away from the content of this investigation in stark affright, has enlisted the aid of reprobate, hobo, crackpot author James LaFond in publishing his work. For although Nordic Survival is a mere investigation into the trajectory of a certain segment of humanity, in William’s home nation, he could be imprisoned for writing such an honestly speculative and informative book.
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