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'A Rocket Sled of Action'
Menthol Rampage Leaves No Tool Unused
Menthol Rampage is a rocket sled of action, I couldn't put it down.
Early on, I thought you were going to circle and hook Jay Jay up with the boss's wife, but oh well.
If you've never watched the movie Falling Down, (starring Michael Douglas) it has a similar violent spiral for a regular guy who's had all he can take and lashes out.
Thanks again.
-The Last Don

Thank you, Don Terminus.
Good old Jay Jay Brooks was one of my more sympathetic mayhem protagonists.
I should have let him tag the boss's wife.
The plot was really just an exercise to write the use of a carpenter's tool belt to snuff the maximum number of meat-puppets.
The character who ends up being Jay Jay's video biographer was an actual employee at the Mondawmin Shoppers Supermarket that was at the epicenter of the 2015 Baltimore Riots.
I really love what the webmaster did with the graphics for this title.
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