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'Cowardly Barn Animals'
Marius Wonders about the Systemic Underpinnings of Modernity
[Specific crackpot answers are in brackets.]
Cat out of the bag
Sat, Feb 13, 4:53 AM (2 days ago)
Hey James,
I have gathered from your writing that the founding of america was an extension of roman plantation slavery and that the constitution was only ever there to protect the wealthy.
[Correct, America formed as the adoption of Roman Plantation Economics for resource extraction, reflected in the founding documents, in service to the mercantile ethos of modernity. When industrialization threatened the stability of this order due to social scale shock and urbanization, the model of Republican Rome so prominent in the foundation of this nation, 100 odd years later, began to be replaced by the mob politics of Democratic Athens. 100 years after that transformation began in earnest, we now live under mob rule guided by oligarchic hands from the shadows.]
I also understand that it was not a nation for paleface europeans until the war of 1812 when the elites realised they needed a labour force and cannon fodder.
[Correct. "White" is only mentioned in the founding documents as the designation of those men fated to die fighting for the country, with zero "rights" attached to this racial designation, which was then a new fangled racial ideal not previously existing in human history.]
However, it seems that the idea of being an American is a dangerous ideology. In order for soviet or chicom style authoritarianism to fully crush the souls of its people, there can't be a place where freedom exists.
[This freedom was only grudgingly given to Americans in order to unleash them on the native tribes in the 1790s and then launch global warfare in the 1890s as soon as the tribes were conquered.]
We see the noose tightening with MSM trying to get everyone to have the same facts (Orange man bad) while fighting over trivialities (taxation, abortion, welfare, etc). They need to keep everyone in the system.
[Sheep should not be permitted to become mountain goats again.]
People are leaving in droves. Private communications, independent media, decentralised finance (crypto) are being adopted rapidly.
Can we break free of this system and still live in the modern world?
[The system is letting the crypto tech be developed by those fleeing it. They will then colonize it. Just as the American West was won by those few fleeing the slums of the East and the imported African slave hordes, the creativity necessary to build the next system upgrade will be possessed by those seeking to flee internally. They will be caught, bought off, copied, basically using the Asian method and we will be locked in or locked out. Those locked out will be relegated to stone age existence.]
I agree with you that modernity is a curse and we are degenerates compared to the ancients. People are essentially cowardly barn animals now.
I don't necessarily think we need to return to the stone age (although my personal aim is to speculate my way out of the rat race and do just that), but people need to remember what we have come from. I see that coming in the form of people moving to rural locations, setting up communities and learning survival skills/combat training.
[Do not move to Idaho. The FEDs are waiting there already.]
Those who see the system for the abortion it is, are going to need their own infrastructure. We need the ability to keep the lights on and manufacture things.
Do you have any thoughts on how this will happen?
[Due to an ice storm, we lost power and well water pumping here for three days and did just fine. The wood stove is the crucial technology you need, which is why it will be outlawed, and already has been in many places. I did the ditching, fence repair, shoveling, wood hauling, while the Captain's boys hauled the water and brought in supplies and the Captain did the plumbing and electrical work. The gas generators were less reliable than the wood stove.]
As an aussie, i look at america (not the clusterfuck it is) but the idea of it - as freedom. I know that its the most policed country in the world, but the idea remains.
[American freedom was always a lie, a bald-faced one, given only provisionally to those willing to kill for the machine. Liberty, in the context of the age, meant the social latitude to enslave one's less-successful fellows. The Founding Fathers resented the King's Men dictating a maximum of 40 lashes for their slaves, when the Admiralty could dish out 200 lashes to its sailors.]
Have they let the cat out of the bag?
[Yes, they have, and they are watching him, seeing what they can learn, tracking him with his smartphone in order to develop a free-range farming system that does not require expensive prisons.]
And people succeed and the mainstream grid is basically abandoned to the leaches and their masters, how will they respond?
[The most thirsty vampires have always followed those humans which escape, as they are the most vibrant and strong and will have the richest and tastiest blood to drink.]
It seems like letting the nukes off or an EMP would be a fitting way of flipping the table.
[An EMP blast would actually leave only the government and a few assorted cooks with any information technology, transportation or communication. If I were the Dark Lord on the Potomac, I'd do the EMP blast and then cull 200 million and rebuild an Ice Age friendly system from scratch.]
curious to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for the thoughtful email, Marius.
If one examines the Advent 2030 site and this fellow here, Christian, who runs Ice Age Farmer, it is quite obvious that the system is attempting to retool to adjust to the Grand Solar Minimum. There is currently a world soybean crisis, for instance. Brill Yates is now the largest private owner of U.S. farm land and is partnered with the Walmart mob. One agenda, starting first in Canada and Great Britain, is the elimination of animal protein from the diet of the non-elite human, which would truly make us into the livestock. Yates and company want us to be the only livestock, and want our minds crippled by estrogen and carbohydrates, starved of the fat that the brain is actually made of. This would return us to the ancient order of things, back to the base of the social pyramid when slaves ate only grain and the priest-kings feasted upon meat. We are the barnyard animals of the future.
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ncFeb 15, 2021

Both Adapt2030 and Iceagefarmer are great truth searers.
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