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Agon 2015
Hosted by Pat & Lou Pierce, 6/14/15, at A Parkville Location Yet to be Determined
This past Sunday I was invited to sit on a panel for a high rank belt test by two local martial arts instructors. Mister Lou also reminded me that he had offered to produce a video for us back in 2005 after seeing our demo at Dundalk Community College where my machete broke through Charles' face cage and panicked the audience. Lou expanded the invitation to include a time slot for us to beat the piss out of each other. I, as the withering and dithering patriarch of this brutal concern, accepted on behalf of you young bucks.
Charles, I recall you being dissatisfied with your marginal victory over me last April.
Erique, if memory serves, I beat you into Roman style submission in front of your goddess last July.
Cory, is it not about time you squashed this old twerp?
Craig—ah, if you break any more of my parts sparring before fight time, remember, that you will have to face Charles fully loaded. You might want to take it easy on your meat shield...
I will update this posting as the information becomes available.
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