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The Supinated Thrust
Breaking Rhythm in a Machete Duel
In this early galdiatorial bout Damien and I where going at it with dull Tromatina machetes in the rain. This was during an intermission in our soggy stick-football game in which we used a gladiatorial helmet as a football.
In our experimental bouts we were cobbling together gear, especially concerned with throat and neck protection. Note that no gladiatorial type had neck protection, and most had face-enclosed helmets that were proof against thrusts. Note that at the end of this brief lineal duel that the bout ends with a thrust to the face cage which gets deflected into the throat. The hockey neck guard was not 100% effective as the blade fishtailed down between the cage and the guard and into the collar bone. However, without a guard, this would have been a deadly blow, even with a dull weapon.
In these bouts we kept to an agreement not to strike for the spine or throat, and not to drop anyone on their head, deciding that face thrusts that would have deflected from a gladiatorial helmet would be used to simulate neck thrusts, not ever thinking that the helmet itself might deflect a blade into the pit of the throat.
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Jeremy BenthamJune 9, 2015 2:03 PM UTC

Wow! That's the first time I've seen a Passata Sotto done with a machete. Touché James. Bravo!
responds:June 12, 2015 1:01 PM UTC

Thank you, Sir.

However, note the fate of my sword arm when the dastardly grappler finally got a hold of it—that arm bar still hurts!

You know, looking at this video I am very critical of our hand slashing techniques, our reaching, etc., But dude, when he's got steel in his hand, even when it is dull, a lot of your polish suddenly becomes rust. I felt better after I saw a picture of Aldo Nadi hopping like a chicken in a duel.