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Stick Fighting Terminology
Basic Body Mechanics
This is not a comprehensive guide, merely the terms required for mastering stick fighting basics—and basics is what usually gets it done.
1. Guard: a ready position
2. Block: angling the stick to deflect a stroke
3. Check: using the empty hand to touch the adversary or his weapon
4. Beat: a stick stroke that strikes the adversary’s weapon
5. Roof block: a hand-up, tip-down high forehand block
6. Umbrella block: a hand-up tip-down high backhand block
1. Stroke: any method of striking with the stick
2. Jab: striking [not stabbing] with the tip of the stick and retracting the stick
3. Slash: striking through the target
4. Smash: driving the sweet spot of the stick into the target
5. #1: a diagonal forehand stroke
6. #2: a diagonal backhand stroke
7. #3: a lateral backhand stroke
8. #4: a high to low vertical backhand stroke
9. Stab: thrusting with the tip of the stick
All mobility mechanics have both offensive and defensive applications.
1. Step: to move the foot closest to your destination first, and drag the other
2. Lunge: a ballistic step powered by the rear foot
3. Shift: moving the foot farthest from the destination—either forward or backward—in a walking motion, effectively changing the lead foot.
4. Pivot: shifting your weight distribution by turning on the ball of one foot.
Note: Advanced angular mobility—such as FMA triangles—are simply steps, lunges and shifts sequenced into tactical patterns.
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