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Joseph Bellofatto’s New Art Site

I first met Joe in 1988, I think, when I was buying artwork for a fantasy sourcebook titled Tribes. He has since illustrated a number of projects for this crackpot knucklehead and he is still getting better. Every piece that Joseph sends me makes me wish I could afford to buy it for a book cover. As it is, with his charitable discount for the brain damaged, I’m able to afford one here and there. Below is a gallery of links to books for which Joseph has done the cover art. If you would like prints of any of these paintings or illustrations contact Joseph at the link at the bottom of the page.

Books by LaFond with Art by Bellofatto

The Broken Dance

Taboo You

Shorn of Little Sissy things


God’s Picture Maker

The First Boxers

Thanks a lot for letting us use your art Joe.

Check Joseph Bellofatto’s online portfolio out at

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