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‘Don’t Get Boned on My Account’
A Survey of Surreally Priced Books by the Author

In 2010 when The Logic of Steel went out of print a Japanese book seller sold 10 new copies for $249.99 each. Ever since then my books have been the subject of speculation. Please, don’t pay inflated prices for my books.

The Logic of Steel: $560.56

Out of print since 2010

My Royalty: $0.85

THE Logic of Force: $1,020.78

Out of print since 2015

My Royalty: $0.23

Den of The Ender: $1, 509.73

In print

The actual retail of this item is $10.80

My Royalty: $0.94

The Fighting Edge: $238.02

Out of print since 2007

My Royalty: $0.65

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Steve Parker, M.D.September 2, 2015 3:46 AM UTC

I assume "Den of the Ender" includes a certified accurate map to the Lost Dutchman's gold mine in the Superstition Mts of Arizona.

responds:September 2, 2015 9:24 AM UTC

Indeed it does—not—and a not yet invented time machine is required to access the disappointing facts!