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The Top 5 Rants of a Knuckleheaded Crackpot

I have recently been reviewing the site content stats on the back end, and have been impressed with the fact that some really strange articles, that I thought would be of no interest to anyone, have made it well up into the top 50 out of nearly 3,000 posts. These are pieces that focus on, or are an expression of, my writing compulsion, which Ann Sterzinger informed me was in fact a type of mania—Graphomania...

With 3,716 reads to date, Crackpot Alley

With 2069 views to date, Anachronistically Yours

With 1,158 reads as of 9/6/15, an idea that was not even mine, Kebmo And Ray-Ray

With 729 views, my most read book review is, ‘I Am The Logical Conclusion’

And, for my most viewed ghetto Grocer article, Aunt Jemima Versus Hungry Jack

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SidVicSeptember 10, 2015 10:28 AM UTC

I've noted that your site traffic is getting impressive of late. I think that Ann S. really got the word out about you.

BTW get a few T shirt made and i'll buy one or two. You need to figure out how to make some money off this shit.

responds:September 12, 2015 1:31 AM UTC

Thanks for the props, Sid.

I'll answer in a t-shirt article.