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Habitat Hoodrat
Graphomaniac Index of Top 10 Harm City Articles

Don't be left behind, and blind, mired in the politically correct African American Ethical Zone. If you are about to spend time in a mid-sized American city with 30% or more black population, read up on the life cycle of the North American Hoodrat, via the links below.


1. Do not dismount from your armored fighting vehicle in The Boned Zone, unless you have a c-130 specter gunship in an over-watch position.

2. Do not answer the door of your motel room, but arm up instead.

3. Do not get a sex change operation and then go to a fast food joint, but stay at home after they cut your junk off.

4. Do not mate with the mud sharks.

5. Do not speak to the hoodrats.

6. Do not feed the hoodrats!

You have been warned!

#1. Getting Hammered In The Hood

#2. The Enemy, Of My Enemy, Is Still My Enemy

#3. ‘A Time For Men’

#4. The Hoodrat Hatchery

#5. NEGRO DAWN!: 2nd Anniversary Update

#6. Boomy Advises CSA Colonel James

#7. The Return Of Men?

#8. Waking Up In Indian Country

#9. Want To See Some Real Riots?

#10. The Cure For What Ails Whitey

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