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The Top Ten Fiction Posts At

Looking on the backend of the site at the top 50 posts I noticed that two of them were actually fiction pieces, and thought that some of our readers would like a heads up as to the top fiction posts, which are mostly old ones.

Some of these posts are episodes in the mid point of a long work serialized on the site. You can find the rest of the entries for that's series via the tab at the top of the page.

1. Fruit Of The Deceiver

2. This Design Is Called Paisley

3. The Roaring Forties

4. “Neggg-Ro!”

5. ‘Dat Gay ATV’

6. Being Joe’s Bitch

7. ‘That Redhead With The Jungle Fever’

8. White Boy Wayne! Help A Brutha Out!

9. El Cid

10. Forever Free

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