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When White Meant Might
Recalling a Time When The Materialistic Liberal Wimp Was Not The Standard By Which Men of European Descent Were Measured

As I have looked into the history of white slavery in America as a kind of protest against our current narrative that all white Americans are descendants of antebellum cotton plantation tycoons who owned armies of black slaves and hung bags of gold from the eves of the quaint cottages of the rural white poor, I have come quickly upon the shades of European slavery—the serfs ground into mud, the orphans shipped off to colonies, the poor British women who could be beaten and raped by any servant or member of the gentry without consequence, and the hundreds of thousands of poor coastal-dwelling whites who were captured by Islamic slave raiders and then sold as sex slaves throughout Africa and the Middle East, under the very noses of the most powerful navies in the world, and the supposedly Christian monarchs that they served.

This reading search has brought me back to my ancient boxing notes, which include a mass of material concerning the lives of bare-knuckle boxers from 1600 through 1900. It has also brought me full circle to another project of mine—When Heroes Fought, and my ongoing research into the white badasses who fought the red badasses for the North American continent over the exact same period of time.

So, as a sub section of White Wednesday, and to comprise yet another book built on this site, I will begin When White Meant Might tonight.

The subject matter will be split into three categories:

1. White Slavery: Kidnapping, Indenture and Bondage

2. White Sports: The Lives and Times of Bareknuckle Fighters

3. White Savages: Frontiersmen, Pathfinders, Mountain Men* & Bad Men

* Excluding information specific to Liver-Eating Johnson, which shall be posted in the Liver-Eater Reader

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Jeremy BenthamOctober 1, 2015 9:33 PM UTC

“It is well that war is so terrible - we would grow too fond of it.” - General Robert E. Lee, 1862.

I don't always drink malt liquor, but when I do I drink Colt 45.
Jeremy BenthamSeptember 30, 2015 2:33 PM UTC

Good subject James. The history of the world is that the overwhelming majority of the human race lived in poverty and servitude. Being free, owning yourself and being in control of your own destiny was the exception rather than the rule. No matter what race you were. Everyone had their own private hell. The comfortable and stable life we enjoy in America today fools us into believing that this is the normal state of affairs for Humanity and requires no special talent or effort to maintain. Looks like we're soon about to find out different, doesn't it?
responds:October 1, 2015 5:30 PM UTC

Now who is looking forward to Armageddon?

If it happens I might have to bring you a Forty of old English 800!