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A Day At the Baltimore Zoo
Why The Baltimore City Zoo Has Begun To Segregate Primates By Age
Today I walked past a hoodrat access trail, which is used for mugging, mob attacks and armed robberies, and mating as well, past which I have been pursued numerous times. I thought I noticed hoodrat scat in the dirt footpath and decided to investigate and determine if they had begun eating humans yet. Then I discovered that these 15 “piles of scat” were indeed 15 handfuls of artificial hair sewn into real hair, much of which was still attacked to the base of the weave. This had obviously been the scene of a female hoodrat combat over mating rights. The orangutan-red hoodrat hair had fallen in three clumps, along with the chimp-black hoodrat hair, with two half handfuls of chimp hair scattered between pile B and C, with the entire length of the clinch running to 30 feet. The final hair pile had more chimp weave with more anchoring natural hair torn out by the roots. Overall handfuls of torn out hair tallied: chimp-black 8, orang-red 7. From these signs I declare the orangutan hoodrat the winner!
Then, upon my return from the scout I received an email from Inspector Ratchet with the following attachments.
Imagine going to all the trouble to retake your teaching exam six times in order to qualify for a job brainwashing hoodrats, only to have them challenge you to fights.
Notice how experienced the young men are at separating and restraining female combatants, and how good that teacher is at the hair-hat locker slam.
Checkout the second video of the psychotic boy-beating teacher. The mother's commentary is telling.
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Bernie HackettOctober 23, 2015 7:25 PM UTC


Friend of a friend used to be a principal in Balto. City. He had a student who had done something that resulted in his mother being called to come take him home.

When she arrived, she started beating the kid, to the point that the principal had to call the po-leece to seperate the pair.

Family values, by golly!
DonOctober 22, 2015 5:21 PM UTC

Haha, I am quite the racist. I was certain the boy's mother in the second video was black, then they showed her pic. What were you alluding to with "The mother's commentary is telling?"
responds:October 23, 2015 3:25 PM UTC

The way the mother spoke, left open the very clear possibility that if her son had done something wrong, he would have deserved the whooping. She did not in any way indicate that black women should not beat their boys, or the boys of other black women, just that it needed justification.