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Agonistics: Sunday, 11/22/15, Noon until 3 p.m.
Boxing, Stick-Fighting and Knife-fighting Drills and Sparring
This session will be at Jim Frederick's Kenpo in Towson, Maryland, and will cost $15 per participant. You might want to bring a non-participant to video your training so you can review it later.
We will concentrate on open side boxing and combination hitting with the stick.
Knife work will be limited to two eight count drills on this occasion.
Charles will be running the stick section and James the boxing.
For details call James on his state-of-the-art flip phone at 443-686-0598.
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SeanNovember 9, 2015 9:56 AM UTC

Come one come all we could use some fresh blood. Also if anyone is interested I would be interested in trying out some stick grappling the dog brothers style.