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'If The Heart is Compassionate the Hand Fails'
Notes from Medieval Araby from Jinn Joe: Samuel L. Jackson’s Part Time Job
Once upon a bloody time Jinn Joe managed to get a hold of a flying carpet in 1201, during the cannibal rampage in Misr, just up the Harvester’s Sickle Road from Cairo, and fortunately managed to pilot it to Masada, breaking through a dimension door into 2015, where he has been spying for the readers of from a hidden vault. As a Jinn who once upon a time helped troubled little boys with their problems escaping tyrants and wizards and such, Jinn Joe was somewhat bothered by the recently posted video ‘Drop-Kicking Toddlers’ in which a boy is seen abusing toddlers. The boy is of course, black, which seems to be the preferred race that governments use to attack their population.
“I couldn't watch the video of the black kid kicking around black toddlers. In general, I think the Muslims may have been onto something when they used the [black] men for eunuch slave labor and the better looking women for concubines. They also apparently used blacks to populate malarial oases, which nobody else could inhabit. To this day, the Saudis use a black executioner:
“Also, Prince Bandar, who ran Saudi's intelligence work with/in the US and apparently is responsible for a lot of the American debacle in the Middle East over the last decade, is the son of a black concubine, which makes him ineligible for the throne but quite useful for doing dirty work:
I was thrilled to recognize the Saudi executioner as Samuel L. Jackson!
Thanks Joe!
The interviews with the black headsmen are fascinating windows into the medieval mindset. I do have one point of agreement with Islamic law. If a significant number of Saudi women are as good looking as the unveiled newscaster, then I understand the need for covering their face.
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