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Agon 2013
Modern Agonistics Challenge Meet

SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2013

Fighter registration: 4:00 PM (Register with the doorman who handles the waiver and fee, and then the MC, who records your seniority and places you in the lineup.)

Fighters’ Meeting: weaponry, gear & conduct review at 4:30 PM

Fight time: 5:00 PM until every fighter but one has declined a challenge or all fighters have passed in that round.

There are no officials. All combats are initiated via challenge, from junior to senior, on the MC’s call, and are decided by submission or recognition. A fighter that declines a challenge retires from the event. A fighter’s seniority is his age plus his years of contact weaponry experience. Fighters agree on a second to moderate the combat.

The sponsor, James, will fight as the spoiler; the only fighter you will be able to challenge and name your weapon set with. Please, someone put a fork in this old fossil already...

A panel of martial arts instructors will give out prizes at the end.

Pizza, snacks, water, and soft drinks will be available for free.

This document along with the Agonistics Code, the Gladiatorial Combat Sets, and American/FMA Combat Sets, available below, constitute the event rules and guidelines. Read this material in advance so that you may have questions and comments prepared for the fighters’ meeting.
Registration for fighters is $10.

If you want Mom, Dad, your pretty girlfriend, your creepy uncle, or the family chimp to come see you beat up your friends that will cost too...

Spectator fee is $10

Stay sharp.

*** Update *** Agon 2013 Brief

For any prefight clarifications email James at or call him at 443-686-0598
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