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'The Poleese Be Around'
Driving the Sedan Surreal
Mobali is a Nigerian man who is a slight, mild-mannered man with a kind disposition. he seems genuinely bemused by Baltimore, and objects when one asks him what it is like to drive a cab.
"Oh, not I, only Uber. I could not subsist if I was required to extract money from my customers. They make the call with their credit card and the fee is deducted. I could not exchange money with these people—It would be far too perilous. This is a trying place. I only wish I knew the good areas and the bad, so I could decline more calls. Some of the places I drive to are such that I would never accept the call if only I knew what the area was like.
"The one woman, gets into the car with her two children and looks down at her smart phone the entire ride as I take her to the address she placed in the GPS tracker. I stop so that they could get out and she looks up, and gets nasty, saying, "Why are you dropping me off here. I do not get off here.'
"I said, 'Miss, this was the address you entered. Look, it is right here on the GPS.'
"She then says, 'You should have asked me for directions!'
"I said, 'But Miss, I did, and you gave me these directions. Besides, if I may, had you been paying attention to the route and your children, you might have been able to advise me to adjust the route to your liking.'
"And she was off in a huff, hauling her young ones down the street.
"Then, last night, I receive a booking for a customer at a location I have not been to. This place, when I arrive there, seemed bad. I am required to wait for five minutes. After five minutes, I drive around the block, coming back, and call her, to alert her to the fact that I am about to leave. She is eager that I not leave, saying that she sees my car, but is afraid to come out of her front door because, 'The poleese be around,' wanting me to drive down to the end of the block so that she can come out the back way!
"Oh no, if it is a bad thing to have the poleese around then it is not the area I wish to do business in! When your internet map of Baltimore becomes available I shall assuredly use it."
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