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‘When the Spartans Checked Out’
Stick Basics #1 Forearm Conditioning Exercises
Explaining even basic body mechanics without visual illustrations tends to confuse the beginner and intermediate fighters. Honestly, written instruction is for the coach and expert, to assist him in spoken instructions delivered as a supplement to his demonstration of the technique. After numerous requests to video examples of techniques, I finally decided to solicit Sean in the cause of assuring my athletic humiliation for posterity.
These videos are not being posted with my name attached, so that when everything with my name on it is targeted for SJW eradication, this should still be out there. Sean filmed me for over 2 hours. Then Delilah filmed us sparring for four rounds. So, I think Sean will be posting upwards of 20 videos at the Lancaster Agonistics Channel.
Thank you, Sean.
Oh, and readers. You see this old man with the stick, who can’t grow hair anymore and whose right forearm is basically stuck in third gear and who could not leap through a window to get to the Queen of Sheba’s harim, that guy, and the rest like him, who have not yet sacrificed themselves to War and the Divine-twins, the next time one of our two muscled-headed kings defies the Ephors and marches off to war on his own, we devout Spartans will let him go serve as an Athenian speed bump, but his bodyguard is going to consist of three hundred of these worn-out meat-shields.
Video note: I neglected to mention that I am using light sticks to warm up to avoid wrist strain and injury. Later we will switch to heavier sticks. I also finish each training session with light sticks for the warm-down.
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Adam SwinderFebruary 18, 2016 2:20 PM UTC

Excellent set of videos. I will be the first to admit that I have trouble following written martial instructions with no visual aid. I will be sending this to all of my students and ensure that the skills get passed down to the next generation. Thank you again.
responds:February 21, 2016 10:21 AM UTC

Adam, action oriented people have a hard time with this kind of writing, so the videos are really mandatory, the writing a supplement.
Sam J.February 17, 2016 8:02 PM UTC

Super thanks for this. Will I get all this. Ha. A lot of info. I may get a little of it. It always amazes me how complicated everything is. Even the simplest things people work it into vast detail. Not that I'm saying stick fighting is simple, but the average person would just say"hit them with the stick".

What I wonder is why you guys beat yourselves to death with wooden sticks. Couldn't you use rubber? It would still sting like hell and you could save the real whacking for the beast.
responds:February 21, 2016 10:30 AM UTC

Rubber and other padded items do not grip the same, do not behave the same -for instance you cannot stab with most varieties] and, most importantly takes away the fear ad respect for the weapon, which is where you condition your mind. Safety weapons make you too bold with the real thing and tend to retard finesse and control. These were one inch, glazed, fire hardened sticks—arm breakers. if Sean and I went stupid it would be over quick so we take our time and learn. With padded stuff we have a great tie and develop into ignorant brawlers, like a guy who only knows how to punch with a glove on and then ruins his hand in a bare knuckle fight.