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Being A Factor in the Combat Space
Stick Fighting Basics #2 Stroke Fundamentals
In this video some guy that sounds like Willie Nelson, after he took a huge bong hit at the Sundance Festival, does a fair jab of explaining the basics of whopping ass with a stick. Unfortunately, he says “this” far too much, and mumbles. I, however, am inclined to forgive him these oratory sins, in consideration of the brain damage and torn jaw ligaments he has sustained learning this stuff the hard way.
Check him out—and thank God he’s not a writer.
This video is derived from the outline below.
[A video outline]
1. Gripping
2. Guarding
3. Targets
Power Point
1. Coiled hand
2. Body-arm continuity
3. Hips
4. Elbows
5. Shoulders
6. Head
Stroke Types [with #1]
1. Breaking
2. Jabbing
3. Smashing
4. Slashing
Stroke Angles
1. Jab count
2. Smash count
3. Slash count
4. Mixed angle count
5. Mixed power count
1. Slide step
2. Heel step
3. Shift
4. Reverse shift
5. Lunge
6. Reverse lunge
7. Pass step
8. Pass lunge
9. Fade
10. Pivot
11. Golfer’s pivot
12. Heel pivot
13. Drive pivot
1. Guard
2. Inside beat
3. Outside beat
4. Roof block
5. Umbrella block
6. Check
7. Stab
Specialized Power Point Guards
1. Shoulder load
2. Coiled guard
3. Tucked guard
4. Shield guard
5. Roof guard
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