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Dominating and Vacating the Combat Space
Adapting FMA Counts to Solo Training: Stick Basics #3 Stroke Catalog
This was the portion of the video shoot that I was really dreading, but ended up being most pleased with. This is simply a discussion of leveraged motion in the combat context.
I would like to thank Sean for directing, filming and editing this, and for cutting out the moment when I said “clusterfuck.”
In this video I do reference a conversation I had with Richard Bustillo in 2004, I think, at a seminar hosted by the Lumsden brothers. At break time, he was asking me about publishing and I was quizzing him about the politics of the combat arts, as I had just been given the boot by USA Boxing, an organization he belonged to. He was a very polite and shrewd, man. During that seminar, he did back up against the wall, and relate a story about his FMA teacher, who did use the 12 count in a real knife encounter. I agree, that if used intelligently, fighting according to one of these patterns against "some guy," who was untrained and inexperienced, would be very doable. I have done this with novices in sparring. But, if you are dealing with a real, experienced fighter, as soon as he notices you following a pattern, you will be made to pay according to the best of his ability.
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