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These Whiney Children?
A Man Question from Ishmael
“Woodstock and I were talking about becoming "Dinosaurs" at work, in the past we have both held positions of leadership. We have a PC liberal as a general manager, a post I held 20 yrs ago at a different employment, I see more manginas holding positions of leadership, you look cross-eyed at these younger men and they run to a supervisor crying about being bullied, even if you offer patient criticism at their lazy work ethic. Woodstock and I use to take a drive and argue all the time, blow off steam and still remain friends. WTH is wrong with these whiney children?”
Brother, this generation of males are not producing men above 5%. Last Wednesday I sat during my break and watched my middle-aged white conservative supervisor argue with a 20-year old black liberal clerk about “Cops lives matter” and “black lives matter.”
They are both thoroughly immersed in the gossipy world of women. At least the old guy knows it and chaffs at the scented chains. But the young dude had no idea that he is exactly what a woman his age was thirty years ago, right down to the C-cups.
This generation has wider hips and narrower shoulders than the last, walk up on their feet like sissies, and are sissies!
What was really great was when I walked up to the 20-year-old black mangina and said,
“You know, Mister Ron does not like the fact that I hate the cops, and still hate them as their bodies get carted by on that railroad [two slain cops were trained through our location for burial in the middle of the night wed/thur], but he deals with it because he knows I live in the city and figures I have my reasons. Do you know what my reasons are, Malcolm?”
Malcolm, whom I coach on his writing, and really is trying to be the best man he can in the feminine context he was born, said, with a look of wide fright on his face, “No, why?”
“Because they prevent me from defending myself, from slaughtering the packs of hood rats that threaten and menace me and who should be fed to the crows.”
“Wow, that, that, that’s really intense man—I gotta get back to—talk to you later Mister Jimmy,” and off he ran seeking the place in his mind where everything will be just fine provided you let the government know how you feel, so they can work on a solution.
Ishmael, this kid is one of the only young dudes that can talk to me without cringing or running, of about a dozen college age kids at work. It is as if they have a testosterone allergy. You know, it’s a good thing I have a hernia or two, otherwise I’d be tempted to corral all of the plump young Phillies these colts aren’t horse enough to satisfy. They won’t even have to be gelded!
Seriously, man, as a coach, I see lack of testosterone across the racial divides. It is worse among the backs. Seriously, we have pack attacks in such large volume because theses sissy black boys, raised by women and video games, know that their granddaddy was feared by white men, and want that “respect” as well. So, in light of their near total lack of rugged manliness, they pack up and attack like wayward chimps.
The point is Mister Ron, who had more reason to be offended by my stance than Malcolm did, looked me right in the eye, and said, “I disagree with your point, but understand. It’s a hard world. I guess as long as you understand that its hard for the cops too, then we have a place to stand together.”
But the young guy was just floored by my unilateral, individual, aggression, could not really process a sense of animosity that deep that was not a collective guilt-bias of some kind. What is most terrible about this cultural womanization of a generation, is that it prevents a young man grown old to express the wisdom that Mister Ron did, despite being upset. Our young men are coming into life psychologically disabled, which is what our masters want.
As the new maleness would seek not to offend, “I feel your pain, sibling.”
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Ronald masimoreFebruary 28, 2016 3:05 PM UTC

Any time you would like a interview let me know I have a lot of first hand knowledge about the construction trades in baltimore and dc areas phone email or in person let me know thanks Ronald
responds:March 4, 2016 3:27 PM UTC

I will be taking you up on this, Ronald.
Ronald mFebruary 22, 2016 12:08 PM UTC

James the past 24 years I've hung sheetrock framed walls and layed brick and the past 10 to 15 years I've seen very few american boys come into the trades the only americans left in the trades are getting up in age the few young guys that try absolutely can not handle heavy labor for the same reasons you have outlined so that's reason all the new guys are immigrants rm
responds:February 28, 2016 11:25 AM UTC

I would like to interview you about this one day.