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‘What Say You Men?’
The Lancaster Agonistics Man Weekend
On May 20th -22nd Sean is hosting the 2016 Man Weekend near Halifax PA
The Baltimore Neanderthals have been invited, so it seems that with the increased participation up in PA, on the other side of Yo Adrian’s Wall, this 15-man invitational will be filled. I expect my final beating to occur at this time and place.
Sean suggested that we post this video, in case any Maryland or PA people are interested in training and perhaps joining the 2017 gathering—and also to give other groups from outside the area ideas for their own gatherings.
The video below was the first time for most of these guys picking up a stick or knife and going at it with boxing gloves, and no one was injured, which is generally the way when the goal is helping each other improve.
Hopefully Sean has better luck showing me how to use a gun than my brother did. Anything more complex than a breach loading shotgun pretty much shuts my brain down.
Man Weekend 2015
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