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Stick & Dagger
Kinetic Photo Diary #1: Late March 2013
Bruises by Charles Meisling on Wednesday & Saturday
Photos by Sister LaFond on Sunday
Hits sustained by James LaFond
Wednesday & Saturday: Rising diagonal stick slashes to the stick elbow while scoring lateral head slashes. Note the fresher bruising to the radial wrist from Saturday, resulting from the ½ inch tip dump impact circled in ink in the photo below.
Left-handed vertical tip-dump to right dagger hand. The bruising was much worse than indicated in this photo. The bruise spread and deepened considerably on Monday night at work.
Right-handed lateral stick impacts sustained while shifting into left-handed dagger thrusts. The top mark is from a tip dump that scored as Charles was stabbed in the chest. The center mark is from a sweet-spot slash while passing with a missed stab. The lower mark is from a sweet-spot dump perfectly timed when Charles read the dagger shift and counter stepped, avoiding the stab. This expelled most of the air from that lung.
Another angle.
Saturday: three vertical slashes to shoulder delivered while being stabbed, a raking armpit stab that would have pushed through the pectoral muscle in front of the cage.

Wednesday: dagger stabs to bicep and a bruise farther back on the meat of the shoulder from a diagonal sweet-spot dump.
Wednesday [lighter color] & Saturday [deeper color]: two diagonal stick slashes, one vertical stick catch, and one diagonal sweet-spot dump to ulna bone; two dagger stabs to lower palm and heel of hand while attempting disarms. Six hits to get one disarm.
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