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Agon 2016
Saturday, 4/16 & Sunday, 4/17: 12-1 Each Day
Arrangements are finalized for our full-contact demo this coming weekend at Jim Frederick's School of Martial Arts.
Fighters and guests, please do not arrive until 12.
The actual fights will not begin until 12:10-15
The event is preceded by a closed door session, so just show up at 12 and get seated while the fighters prepare.
Invited Gusts
Sifu Clark
Bernie Hackett
Ronald M.
Joey Shortt
Mister Weirton
and any sexual property or offspring belonging to the fighters
Mike will warm up with James with the stick to demonstrate the training method.
All fights are one 2-minute round with the stick or best of three clean kills with blade
1. Mike versus Erique with wooden dagger
2. Mike versus Erique with stick
3. Craig versus Charles with short stick
4. Damien versus Charles with stick
5. Craig versus Erique in stick-boxing [2 short sticks each]
6. Charles versus Damien with Sharkee knives
7. Charles versus Craig with Sharkee knives
8. Damien versus Erique in double-stick
9. Charles versus Erique with Stick and Sharkee knife
10. Damien versus Craig in MMA Stick
11. Charles versus James with stick & short stick
12. Damien versus James with steel knives
13. Damien versus James sugar cane machete versus long knife
14. Damien versus James kukri machete versus bolo machete
15. Damien versus James double edged-machete versus machete
This will be a pick-your-fight meet involving the returning fighters.
We will conclude with Charles and James going at it with the sticks for the last time in Baltimore for the best of five rounds.
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